Happy Birthday, Joe Biden

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November 20, 2008 @ 21:59 UTC

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Barack Obama, Joe Biden
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Everyone’s favourite Vice President-elect turns 66 today. Gawd bless ya, Joe!

Here’s how it was celebrated in Obamaland:

“Obama surprised his No. 2 after their weekly lunch Wednesday at the transition office in Chicago. According to staff, Obama presented Biden - a Delaware senator with decades of foreign policy experience - with a dozen cupcakes decorated with candles and teased, “You’re 12 years old!”

Staff reported that Biden, ever astute in the art of politics, laughed at the his boss’s joke. He responded: “Maybe in dog years!”

Obama led the rest of the staff in song, then handed over some Chicago-themed gifts: a White Sox cap, a Bears cap and a bucket of Garrett’s popcorn, a hometown favorite.”

“Laughed at his boss’s jokes”? “Led the staff in song”? See what sort of anarchy has reached the White House?! Next thing we know, they’ll be spreading the cupcakes around.

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