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November 25, 2008 @ 15:43 UTC

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Ashley Dupre aka Christine was the prostitute that brought down NY governor Eliot Spitzer if you remember from couple of months earlier this year in the States.

Dupre appeared with famous Diane Sawyer special report about prostitution in 20/20 , I am waiting for this episode when they show it on MBC 4.

To tell you the truth I do not know why they host someone like her after public scandal , it is not about prostitution. Already for most of the clip I feel that I am in front of Drama Queen. She felt connected to Silda Spitzer !!?? She considers escort service different from Prostitution !! To be honest I loved Sawyer’s reaction to her in this question.

Dupre wants to be famous , I remember her MySpace page during the crisis she wanted to a singer and now she wants to write a book !! Dupre is not devastated like Slida Spitzer or her daughters.

The example of Dupre is in everywhere in this world.If you remember the infamous story John Porfumo and his scandalous affair with Christine Keeler ; Of course in much worse way thanks to the KGB part in it.

Surely Spitzer and Porfumo wrote their end by themselves , I mean if it were not for Keeler and Dupre ,it would be someone else. Still I hate when the Media gives more attention to women like Dupre and Keeler turning them in to stars where as everybody knows who they are .

Dupre and Keeler now entered the history of their countries but unfortunately from the most dirtiest doors !!

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