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uterus.gifYou can't have it both ways. You cannot in one breath say that abortions are the cause of illegal immigration and criticize a woman's decision to have a child outside of marriage especially if both decisions are based in “American uteruses”. You can't pick and choose your female reproductive organs.

Latina Congresswoman Linda Sanchez is receiving criticism for her decision to have a child for the simple reason that she is not legally married.

Twenty years ago, it simply wouldn't have been possible — pregnant, single and a member of Congress? Oh, the scandal! But Hester Prynne has morphed into Juno MacGuff . . . and “unwed mother” has been recast as “single mom.”

Who do we have to thank for that? Thousands, from Madonna to Dan Quayle. In 1992, Quayle waged moral warfare on the sitcom character “Murphy Brown” — famous, rich, single and pregnant. . . . And, of course, Bristol Palin.

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