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World Video Responses to Obama's Election

Categories: Americas, East Asia, Singapore, U.S.A., International Relations

Recharge your video camera. Tell Barack Obama what you think he should do when he becomes president. Read on, for an opportunity for citizens around the world to be heard by television viewers in the USA.

Here are two separate media initiatives asking for global citizen input on video about the world's most talked about election in history.

WorldFocus [1], a Thirteen/WNET television program in the USA and Ground Report [2] are asking for videos to be submitted before the end of today. In her own video announcing the project, Ground Report's Rachel Sterne, asks for videos [2]like the one below from Singapore [3].

On Reuters, a new project called Postcards to the President [4], combines professional street interviews [4]by Reuters correspondents with videos uploaded by YouTube users around the world. If you have videos you would like to add to the Reuters lineup, simply upload them [5] to YouTube and tag them “PostcardstoPresident”.

One person who has done this already is French artist and YouTube user “bernardodegalves”.

Another is French poet and musician “MickeyZero79″.