For a Growing Number of Latinos It's Not Spanish Only

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December 9, 2008 @ 23:24 UTC

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english_only.jpgOne of the ways that nativists in the U.S. spread fear about immigration and Latinos is buy talking up the point of the loss of English and other so-called cultural markers that allegedly make the country what it is. More and more however, this myth is being countered demonstrating that the anti-immigrant movement has less to do with “national pride” and more to do with racism.

More Spanish speakers are speaking English very well despite a steady influx of immigrants this decade — a sign that they are blending in at least linguistically, according to a USA TODAY analysis of Census data released Tuesday.

The drop in the percentage who struggle with English is most noticeable in some of the largest counties and cities that have attracted immigrants for decades.

So once we speak “your language”, we'll be more acceptable right? We'll fit in more and won't seem so “other”, verdad? Latinos, like myself, who have always spoken English know that this goes way beyond language.

Via / Hispanic Tips and USA Today

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