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In a stunning blow to Democratic Party claims to represent a reversal of years of Republican corruption, Illinois Governor Blagojevich has been arrested this morning.  Charges include attempts by the Governor to trade an appointment to President-Elect Obama’s Senate seat for Blagojevich’s own appointment in the Obama administration or an appointment to a lucrative union position.

This event serves also to highlight Illinois’ famously corrupt Democratic Party political machine, where personal favors are traded for political action in scenes reminiscent Tamany Hall.  During the 2006 and 2008 elections, Democrats reveled in pointing fingers at Republican corruption from Mississippi to California to Alaska.  But with Blagojevich coming after the William Jefferson bibery scandal in Louisiana, Democrats may nee to tend to their own garden.

Naturally, the old “the Republicans are corrupt too!” subject-shifting dodge is already prominent among Democrat-leaning bloggers.  Don’t expect a sudden outbreak of self-criticism from the left.

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