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December 9, 2008 @ 1:26 UTC

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border%20wall.jpegI have spoken often about how I think that the ICE deportation program exposes more about our system in the U.S. than simply the broken immigration system, namely our broken prison system. This essay by a brother of a deported gang member really speaks to that problem:

This October 31st, I - along with a big group of people - protested in front of the San Francisco ICE office, with the purpose of stopping the raids happening in Sanctuary Cities, such as San Francisco and Oakland. It was one of the first major protests I have attended and I felt proud to be out there making a stand for all immigrants who are being treated unjustly. Again, I know that Frank committed a serious crime but I believe it is unfair that my brother is being deported, because it does not solve anything, there are still gangs in El Salvador. If someone does a crime make them do their time, but do not move them far away from their families, it not only hurts them but their families as well.

The last time I talked to him on the phone, was about four days before he was deported. He sounded like the same Frank I knew. When I asked him if he was going to still be in a gang after all that happened he simply said “no.” None of his gang friends visited him during the time he was in jail. One of his friends did write letters to him. All the people in his gang that were his “family” never visited him. On the other hand, his mother, sisters, my dad, my brothers and I visited him every chance we had. Now he is alone in El Salvador, because his only family is here.

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