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December 9, 2008 @ 1:24 UTC

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I have read this news in the New York Times , President elect Obama is planning to address the Islamic world with a speech in his first 100 days at the white house. Excellent move from Obama’s cabinet despite I doubt that it will have any effect after the announcement of his cabinet. For us there was no change by choosing people like Hilary and Bobby Gates but what you  know , may be there will be change in the first 100 days .

Anyhow Obama knows that he is more popular than Bush in the Islamic world and thus he will use this popularity to enhance America’s damaged image. Already he should know that it is not only Bush that damaged America’s image in the Islamic world “surely he had the biggest share” ,it is an old accumulating thing from decades of unconditional support to Israel and conditional support to dictators in the region. 

Now back to the main theme or rather question in the article “Where shall Obama say his expected speech ?? “ The search for an Islamic Capital that is not danger on his security and is still influential  can be considered a dilemma.

To tell you the truth I was waiting to read the name of our capital Cairo in the report ,otherwise I would feel very sad , I feel that we are no longer important in the region. Still Cairo is Cairo ,the Jewel of Islam and the perfect secure capital for Obama.You got one of the biggest population in the Arab Islamic world.This made me happy because we are still considered important despite the fact Mubarak made us lose our position in the region. Ironically there is one obstacle in choosing Cairo that is also Mubarak and his dictatorship. Obama can neglect the fact that Mubarak is a dictator and choose Cairo as place for his message to the Islamic world but this send a wrong message in the world : He is still supporting the dictators of the Arab Islamic world. I think this is from the earliest indicator that Obama won’t be Mubarak friendly.

Well it is not only Egypt that is ruled by a dictator ,most of the Islamic world is ruled by dictators whether are with or against The U.S.

Some people especially the Nationalists will not welcome Obama just like they did not welcome Nixon, I respect their view and totally understand it but I look from the way that we lost a lot from our position as a leading influential country in the region. I do not know how to explain , it is not about supporting Obama but about knowing your country is still considered an important player in the region.Lately I feel that we are so weak thanks to Mubarak. Mubarak took Egypt and it was leading Country from Sadat and he managed to alienate us more than Sadat and the time of the Arab boycott.  It is not about being a puppet in the hands of U.S this time ,it is about delivering a message to the Islamic world. Of course because we are ally we can be considered as biased.

Seriously it is a dilemma ,you need an influential Islamic democratic country that is widely respected by the world and the Islamic world and not considered a puppet in the hands of the Americans to send from it a message to the Islamic world

Of course now in my mind I believe that Obama can say his speech in Qatar as the new face of change in the Arab Islamic Gulf world !! Qatar our little new rival but again it does not fit the profile , it is a puppet in the end.

Anyhow if Obama wants to say a speech in Cairo to addressing the Islamic world in Peace ,then he will be mostly welcomed.

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