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December 14, 2008 @ 22:35 UTC

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Civil Rights & Ethnicity

The idea that [email protected] are being targeted for arrest (and deportation) under public-intoxication laws–it's just almost too much to bear. Nothing like playing up the stereotype of the drunken Mexican to better get rid of us all.

Amid the swirling controversy over the San Jose Police Department's practice of arresting large numbers of people — especially Latinos — under the state public-intoxication law, the department is damaging its reputation by choosing secrecy over transparency.

Before the city council hearing on Nov. 18, the American Civil Liberties Union submitted a formal request that these arrest reports be made public under the state open-records law. But days after the mayor and council said they wanted “broad-based community input” on the issue, the police department refused to publicly release the arrest records.

The council has directed the city manager to form a task force of community stakeholders to address this issue. But how will the task force members accurately identify the scope and nature of the problem if they are denied access to the most important records documenting it?

Indeed. Either way, however, I'm glad to see that the community is confronting this together and that they have the support of the media in doing so.

via the Mercury News

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