Blame Fly to Canada!

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January 13, 2009 @ 19:19 UTC

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Barack Obama
International Relations

That’s right - Barack Obama’s first foreign trip as President won’t be to Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Israel - but to… Canada!

Well, the place has gone downhill ever since Kids In The Hall ended.

But wait! What’s this? There’s a good reason for it?

“[His trip will restore] a long-standing tradition abandoned eight years ago by George W. Bush…

New U.S. presidents, dating to Warren Harding in 1923 and Franklin D. Roosevelt 1933, have typically made Canada their first international visit following their election. But Bush deviated from that historical pattern after his inauguration in 2001, travelling to Mexico to meet with then-president Vicente Fox in a bid to improve ties and strike an immigration deal with America’s southern neighbour.”

So there you go. Incidentally, President Obama will be in Britain on April 2nd, for the G20 summit. Ooh! <Claps hands excitedly. Adjusts hair, looks in mirror>.

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