George Bush is a Hot Mess

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January 13, 2009 @ 19:40 UTC

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I just got finished listening to the last Bush presidential press conference ever (let the celebrations begin!), and all I can do is shake my head. What a mess that man is. One of the most telling lines in the conference was when Bush talked about how “the presidency never leaves you! You can never escape it!..(blah blah blah)..Unless you ride your mountain bike really fast trying to forget” (clearly that's not an exact quote, but the general gist is there).

This man really hates being president. He really fucking hates it. All those people who said that Bush was a front for Cheney? Never believed it until this conference.

I tried to find a transcript of the conference online–but so far, this video clip of “Bushisms” is the only thing I can find.

It's sort startling to me–the reporter seems think these -isms are so cute and funny–I find them more than a bit horrifying.

Maybe someday, the press will catch up with the rest of humanity and realize it's not funny when a president talks about great job done as people drown.

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