Obama In Over His Head

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January 13, 2009 @ 18:24 UTC

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Barack Obama
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It's becoming increasingly clear that Obama has no idea what he's doing. The junior senator from IL lack the experience and knowledge to effectively manage the country in times of economic difficulty let alone a crisis. The current situation is not a crisis, although the media and Obama would like you to believe so in order to pass whatever legislation the Democrats want. The GOP is controlled by moderate losers like Michael Bloomberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other hapless deadbeats in the House and Senate.

Obama seems intent on repeating the mistakes of FDR which prolonged the Great Depression by as much as 8 years. Mark Steyn has also pointed out that the Depression was only “great” in the US because of the New Deal. Everywhere else in the world, the economic situation was merely a “depression” lacking the “greatness” it obtained in the United States.

Rush Limbaugh had an excellent segment today on the floundering of the President-elect:
The other side of the conflict is I am convinced that Obama is a radical, extreme leftist who, like all radicals, is like a flower child. He has all these dreams, all of these visions of a utopia. And, of course, it's not possible. So the conflict is, does he not really know what he's doing, or does he know what he's doing? ‘Cause that speech he gave yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, it spooked everybody. It spooked the Democrats on Capitol Hill, it spooked the markets. It's like I said yesterday, inside of two months we've gone from a nation of people that believe we have to have some discipline in the size of our government and our spending, and now the mainstream thought is government spending and as fast as we can and only government can solve the problem. None of that is true. The success of this depends on how fast we spend money, and then he had this little press conference today where he's answering questions. I listened to this, and I don't know if I'm sure that he knows what he's doing. Even if he's a committed leftist, does he know what he's doing, does he know what he's gotten himself into? His whole campaign was platitudes. He's still speaking in platitudes, as though his very presence will make magic happen.

So now the markets have no idea what to expect from Obama. The welfare check he'll be sending to everyone which he stupidly calls a “tax cut” will be useless to stimulate the economy. The cost of doing business needs to be lower. Providing employers with $3,000 to “hire new workers” as Obammy promises will also be useless. Anyone with even minuscule business experience knows it costs almost twice that to hire someone. But even if that did help, it would only provide minimal hours. Let's say someone hires someone to do work at $10/hr, over the minimum wage - that will account for 300 hours of work. Whoopdedoo.

Mr. “Hope” and “Change” seems determined to continue President Bush's “bailout” and “injection” strategy of cash into failed businesses and increased regulation. It was regulation that got the US economy into this whole mess to begin with! Is that what all these absent-minded Obama supporters wanted? I thought McCain was McSame?

Then again, check out these Obamaniacs and you'll understand. The media and the electorate have descended into celebrity worship without proper scrutiny of a presidential candidate, not that I think McCain was any good either, far from it.

What I lament is that politics has ceased to be a deadly serious activity: we have the comedian Al Franken who will likely be the next senator from Minnesota, Caroline Kennedy possibly receiving an appointment solely because of her last name, Chris “Leg Tingle” Matthews wanting to run for Congress, Gov. Schwarzenegger (enough said), and Sanjay Gupta of CNN being considered for the Surgeon General.

What will it take to realize that politics determines the course of peoples lives, the future of a nation, and the survival of liberty?

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