What do the following men have in common?

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January 13, 2009 @ 19:29 UTC

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Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden
Government & Politics

1. John McCain

2. Joe Biden

3. Colin Powell

Apart from all being prominent American male political figures, that is. And all being white (like Stephen Colbert, I don’t see colour).

Give up?

They’ve all got a great track record on bipartisanship. Well, a good enough track record to be honoured by Our New Favourite President on the eve of his inauguration:

“President-elect Obama to Host Bipartisan Dinners Honoring McCain, Powell and Biden

Dinners on Eve of Inauguration to Highlight Commitment to Bipartisan Cooperation and Accomplishment

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, as part of an Inauguration for all Americans, the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Committee announced a series of bipartisan dinners to take place on Monday, January 19th, the eve of Inauguration Day.

Each of the three dinners will honor an American whose lifetime of public service has been enhanced by a dedication to bipartisan achievement: Senator John McCain, General Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret.), and Vice President-elect Joe Biden.  Attending will be leaders in Congress from both sides of the aisle and Americans from across the country of both parties.

On the eve of an historic transfer of power, the dinners serve to highlight President-elect Obama’s commitment to renewing America’s promise via bipartisan accomplishment.

“In these times of great challenge and great change, leadership requires rising above the same old narrow partisanship,” said President-elect Obama.  “Each of these distinguished Americans has spent his life in service to his country, at each and every moment placing the interests of America before issues of political party.  That is precisely the spirit of common purpose we need as we begin the work ahead.”

The dinners will take place at the National Building Museum, Union Station and the Hilton Washington.”

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