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January 19, 2009 @ 8:18 UTC

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If I hadn’t spotted that I’d left my iPod on my tube train seat, I wouldn’t have jumped back on the train just before the doors shut, and had to stay on until the next stop; and then got back on the line going back to my original stop.

If I hadn’t been delayed by those 10 minutes, I wouldn’t have happened to be walking down the street towards the Lincoln Memorial concert just as the Obama motorcade went past.

And if I hadn’t decided to walk down to the Washington Monument after learning that there was no chance of getting into the concert ground itself, I would never have passed this man as he happened to be walking the other way:


This man, for the uninitiated - ie British people - is Chris Matthews. He’s one of America’s best-known TV pundits - and one of my favourites - and bumping into him is akin to following a British general election like a total geek, then flying to London only to bump into Jeremy Paxman or David Dimbleby.

It’s true. In America, anything *is* possible.

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