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November 7, 2008

Cameroon: A Discreet PrideThis is a Video post

read Rather than wax ecstatic on Obama's victory, the collective blog [fr] from Cameroon has chosen to go out in the streets and tape short interviews of young Cameroonians on yesterday's victory. In this video [fr], we learn that Obama is a bantoo name and that Cameroon knows how to keep its African pride and hopes in check, publicly.

November 5, 2008

France: Is Obama's color blinding French minorities?

In the French-speaking blogosphere, a fiery debate has broken out whether people are supporting Obama's candidacy simply as a reflex or are they really judging him by his policies.

November 4, 2008

France : Parties, parties, parties !

read If France could vote in the U.S. election, 76 per cent would elect Obama reveals a poll published by sunday paper Le Journal du Dimanche [fr] . At 3pm local time on this crucial Tuesday, for lack of hard news on the outcome of the election, the French blogosphere and Twitter is abuzz with another vital matter: where to spend election night? Where are the best parties in Paris?

Morocco: Only One Day to Go

Morocco may be in the grip of general Obamania, but a few voices here and there still stubbornly resist the flow. Not that the reluctant Moroccans would give their ballot to John McCain if they had the chance, but they are wary of the American model of democracy, of America, and more than a little sick of an election that hides its flaws under a Hollywood-inspired cast and plot.