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January 13, 2009

On Closing Gitmo: What Glenn Greenwald Won’t Talk About

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Responding to reports that Obama is dealing with the practical problems of translating campaign promises into real-world policy-making, far-left purist Glenn Greenwald has another in his long series of screedsabout torture and Guantanemo Bay up today.  But within the usual nest of multiple upd...

December 9, 2008

Where Is The Republican Core?

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While campaigning for the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee, former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele has admonished party conservatives to driving away moderates.  Steele’s argument is a rather old one in its vague terms — that the party needs to have a R...

Illinois Governor Blagojevich Arrested On Corruption Charges

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In a stunning blow to Democratic Party claims to represent a reversal of years of Republican corruption, Illinois Governor Blagojevich has been arrested this morning.  Charges include attempts by the Governor to trade an appointment to President-Elect Obama’s Senate seat for BlagojevichR...

December 5, 2008

Last Blow On Obama Citizenship Question About To Land

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The U.S. Supreme Court is about is consider and then immediately dismiss a lawsuit challenging Obama’s citizenship on the basis of a bunch of half-baked conspiracy theories from the loonier fringes of the far right.  Hopefully, this will put this issue to rest among all but the black-helico...

December 4, 2008

Bigotry In The Service of Tolerance II

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Continuing in his legitimate and very personal outrage about the passage of Proposition 8 in California, Andrew Sullivan has embraced an ugly turn towards overt anti-Mormonism.  He cites the organization of the LDS Church as a potentially troubling launching pad to a rather Orwellian violation of...

Obama Commits to Supporting Unionization

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In a matter dear to the hearts of the progressive labor movement, an Obama spokesman has reaffirmed the incoming President’s commitment to support the Orwellian-named “Employee Free Choice Act”. The measure, which progressives claim to be “pro-labor” is more aptly descr...

What Are They Going To Do With Themselves?

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A Washington Post political gossip blog reports on a new piece of BDS weirdness.  Apparently, a Seattle artist received an invitation to participate in a White House contest for designing a Christmas ornament, of all things, and decided to turn it into an “impeach Bush” rant opportuni...

Chicken Little on WMD

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In the latest in a long series of “sky is falling” reports about trends in terrorism, a Congressional task force has proclaimed that an attack using biological or nuclear weapons is likely by the end of 2013.  Of course, the threat is real in the abstract.  Groups like al-Qaeda hav...

Chambliss Re-Elected: Basis for Republican Revival?

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Significantly exceeding his performance from Nov. 4, Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss has gained re-election to the Senate in a run-off election yesterday.  The rise in Republican fortunes could not come at a better time for the party as it struggles to rebuild after devastating and sweeping defea...

Auto Bailout Appears More Likely

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Congressional leaders are signaling that some form of bailout for the struggling auto industry is likely to be approved quickly.  In a turnaround from their dismal public relations efforts in November, auto industry executives are offering to make some symbolic sacrifices of their own in order to...