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January 19, 2009

Obama inauguration concert on the mall

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Washington DC today reminded me of the streets of Bangkok during the first days of the coup in 2006. The streets were closed to traffic. Humvees had been parked at every intersection manned by GIs.The first two photos capture the US military presence in the capital.1. Soldiers gather in near the ...

January 13, 2009

Worse than empty rhetoric?

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Krugman warns that 40% of Obama's $775 billion rescue plan is just tax cuts, and this package is not likely going to be sufficient to avert a prolonged recession. Krugman alluded to ". . . the gap between Mr. Obama’s stern economic rhetoric and his somewhat disappointing economic plan": ...

December 14, 2008

Drug abuse shift: Mission Accomplished?

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First, the good news hailed by President Bush. AP reports Bush has focused on a 25 percent drop in overall drug use among youths since 2001, when he took office.The bad? Bloomberg reports that a 2008 survey found that at least one in eight high school seniors reported abusing prescription painkill...

December 9, 2008

Cost of Iraq war: 300,000 brain damaged Americans

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UPDATEDIt seems the war in Iraq has left 0.1% of the US population with brain damage. This report in the LA Times is simply staggering:A recent Rand Corp. report . . . estimated that 19% of the troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, or more than 300,000 people, have come back with traumatic bra...

December 4, 2008

Quote of the day

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But we can’t naively carry on. To enjoy life like this, made up of the things we savour from vibrant cities like Bombay, we need to be protected. 94.6% of sixty thousand respondants at say it is time for India to enact stringent laws to curb terror. That’s quite a mandate, but...

November 28, 2008

US defense strategy vis a vis great powers

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James Fallows blogs about a CDI publication entitled, "America's Defense Meltdown." Fallows writes:. . . from probably the most right-wing of all the authors in the book -- a man whose cubicle wall, in the Senate office building where he worked, was adorned with a poster of Mussolini when I met him...

November 26, 2008

How much does the US financial crisis bailout cost?

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Ritholtz blogs:If we add in the Citi bailout, the total cost now exceeds $4.6165 trillion dollars. People have a hard time conceptualizing very large numbers, so let’s give this some context. The current Credit Crisis bailout is now the largest outlay In American history.Jim Bianco of Bianco ...

Sami Al-Haj, Al Jazeera camerman

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What hath the monsters done?Thursday, a right-wing US judge decided that the Bush Administration had no grounds whatsoever to continue holding five Algerians held at Guantanamo and ordered their immediate release. Greewnald blogs:The five Algerians were joined for most of their stay at Guantanamo ...

November 25, 2008

Financial crisis hits France

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The NY Times reports that France's cafe's have been struck a double blow:“The French are no longer eating and drinking like the French. They are eating and drinking like the Anglo-Saxons,” the British and the Americans. “They eat less and spend less time at it,” Mr. Picolet s...

November 18, 2008

Thaksin's powerful friends

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What does the fugitive deposed Prime Minister of Thailand have in common with John Major, Olivier Sarkozy (half-brother of Nicholas), George W. Bush, and George H. W. Bush?Answer here. An observation concerning one probable past implication of the link here....