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November 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State? Hell No!!!

Aggregated from: Faustine's Baraza

I met Bill Clinton some years back. I admired his presidency. I admire his character, I admire what he is doing for HIV/AIDS through his Clinton Foundation, but I am still against Hillary Clinton becoming the next Secretary of State. As I have said before, the US needs a fresh approach in fore...

Daschle is back

Aggregated from: Breaking News Kenya

I took a little break from politics after a long marathon, but I just had to chime in on Barack Obama’s selection of Tom Daschle as his selection for secretary of health and human services. We are in safe hands people. This guy is one of my favorite politicians here in the US and I canâ€...

Death threats against Obama - Shame on you America!

Aggregated from: Siasa Duni

The Secret Service will not provide the number of cases that they are actually investigating. It is a sick American tradition that threats against a new president spike right after an election. But the Service admits that across the nation, local law enforcement officials are seeing more threats aga...

Obamamania fades in Kenya

Aggregated from: Wonkie - A cartoon blog

Obamamania is finally fading across the world as Mr Obama comes to terms with the magnitude of the mess he has landed in. He has a lot on his plate and mostly back on home ground - from the dire financial crisis and Iraq to health care - there is no shortage of challenges. Still, surprisingly,...

Religious Intolerance

Aggregated from: My African Diaspora

I’m almost ashamed to dedicate my time or words to this subject. Yet, ignorance and intolerance continue to force me to do so. I’m sure you’ve heard about the Pastor who posted the message: “Barack Obama is a Muslim, This is a sin against the Lord”. Check out the ...

November 20, 2008

obama getting tough on climate change

Aggregated from: urban sprout

President-elect Barack Obama spoke via video conference (earning green kudos for low carbon communication) to attendees at the Bi-partisan Governors Global Climate Summit in Los Angeles two days ago and his address was a clear message that with him at the helm the US will be seriously committe...

November 19, 2008

What if Obama was African?

Suppose Barack Obama was running for elections in an African country, would he have become president? Mozambican author Mia Couto raises the question, and bloggers from Mozambique and Angola respond. Paula Goes translates their reactions from Portuguese.

November 13, 2008

Obama's Burma policy - “an old wine in new bottle?”

Aggregated from: We Fight We Win

By Dr. Sein Myint. Burma experts and observers predict that both incoming Obama-Biden administration and democrat-controlled congress are likely to maintain current Burma policies in general, based upon the candidates’ past statements/comments, and bipartisan supports given to Burma r...

Why the crash (and New media) wins it for Obama

Aggregated from: Director’s Blog

The economic disaster has been a boost for Obama. This is despite recent efforts by the BBC to suggest that McCain is fighting back or that race might still do for the Democratic candidate. I joined my colleagues Professor Mick Cox and Mark Duckenfield at an LSE Ideas meeting with Londonâ€...

November 10, 2008

Brazil: Is Obama the American version of president Lula?

In the case of Lula, hope overcame fear. In the case of Obama, hope overcame prejudice. Both leaders won peoples' trust that changes would come. Six years on, Brazilian electors are yet to see many of the dreamed changes come true. Can Barack Obama learn from the errors of a Southern neighbor?