Stories Brazil from September, 2008

Following the Twittersphere Through the Presidential Debates

From sheer outrage to hilarious quips on what the Presidential candidates were saying at last night's debate, international Twitter users across different time zones were glued to their television and computer screens following every word uttered by Senators John McCain and Barack Obama. Following is a quick preview.

Around the World, Bloggers React to Debate

Bloggers around the world are weighing in with their opinions over last night's Presidential debate which left many pundits scratching their heads and American voters hoping for more. How did Senators Barack Obama and John McCain score with international bloggers? Ari Herzog finds out.

Global Journalists Blog Reactions to Sarah Palin

The Washington Post‘s PostGlobal is an effort to bring global issues to the mainstream. Calling itself an “experiment in global, collaborative journalism” the site, moderated by David Ignatius and Fareed...

Brazil: Majority for Obama

The BBC has recently conducted a World Service poll which shows that out of 22,500 people surveyed in 22 countries, 49 per cent were in favor of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. One of the 22 countries included citizens from Brazil, where bloggers are typing away their opinions on the presidential election and showing strong support for the nominee. Here's a snapshot of reactions.