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Venezuela: Thoughts on Election Day

  November 4, 2008

After the daily speech about the Empire, the elections, and the possibility that the United States could have what some call "their own Chavez," a lot of blogs dedicated some space on the expectation that many parts of the world share today's excitement with the States. Bloggers are expressing online what they feel about both candidates, while some others see Obama as a big possibility for change inside and outside the country. The dark, humorous tone, so characteristically Venezuelan, never ceases to be contained inside the posts...

If Venezuela could vote…

  June 25, 2008

What if Venezuela could vote in the U.S. elections? Link TV's Dear American Voter series allows citizens of other countries to share their opinions on the upcoming elections. Francisco Toro of Caracas Chronicles does just that, giving viewers a sense of how the U.S. elections could affect Venezuela.