Iran: Transparency, Obama and Romney

The US elections is stirring the interest of Iran's bloggers, with bloggers comparing between the elections in America and Iran. Others are discussing the impact of the elections on the relations with their country in an election, they admit is hard to ignore.

Omid Memarian, a blogger and journalist admires [Fa] the relative financial transparency in the US election. He says despite all the criticism concerning financial transparency in the elections, it is not at all comparable with the Iranian elections. He says in the United States, people or companies that support candidates, announce it and people can check about contributions on a few sites.

Meanwhile, Arash Kamangir writes that he likes Senator Barack Obama but finds that some of his remarks are too simplistic, including when he promised to sit around a table with the Islamic Republic on the first year of his presidency. He writes that Senator Hillary Clinton’s answer to the same question was very thoughtful.

He explains:

It is not really easy to be exposed to all the news about the upcoming elections in the states and remain silent, even if you know about American politics less than you know about Canary Islands. Taking a side feels good, as well. Therefore, this is why I chose Barack Obama.

* Republican vs. Democratic: I guess with my tedious arguments against the overdose of religion in Iran, it is clear why I like the Democrats more.
* Hillary vs. Barack: Maybe I don’t like her just because of the “Clinton Dynasty” thing. I’m just fed up with people with similar last names occupying the news.

Nevertheless, I find some of the remarks of Barack too simplistic, including when he promised to sit around a table with the Islamic Republic on the first year of his presidency (link). Hillary’s answer to the same question was very thoughtful.

The blogger further adds:

Enough with this “Idiot’s Guide to US Elections”, I admire Americans, because a black person or a woman are the most likely to end up to be their president. This is happening less than two centuries after blacks were lashed down there. I believe there are a lot of things that we, Iranians, have to learn from the “Great Satan”.

Another blogger from Iran, Winston says that Governor Mitt Romney has suspended his campaign.

The blogger explains:

It's a shame that such a hardcore Conservative man was unsuccessful in his bid for the presidency of the United States. He gets the war against Jihadism very well and he's a true social and fiscal conservative. His speech is inspiring and true to the point. I'm hopeful that he can launch a major presidential campaign at a later time. Romney is the type of leader the United States need to remain the best country of the world. I liked what governor Romney just said at CPAC:

“America must remain the hope of the earth”

It must remain the hope of the earth and it is the hope of the oppressed and those who seek liberty and justice. Though it can't be achieved with the likes of Hillary Clinton or Hussein Obama who are the defeatists’ choice and have no problem to surrender to the enemies as soon as possible.

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  • karen marie

    i would recommend that “winston” do a little more research into what CPAC is all about and what mitt romney, as a member of the republican party, is all about. ann coulter spoke at the CPAC meeting last year and made some extremely offensive comments about muslims — referring to them as “ragheads,” as one small example. CPAC is the republican party/the republican party is CPAC.

    as far as mitt romney — he is a republican, he is a corporatist, he is no friend of the average person. there is nothing good or honorable in the man. his healthy, intelligent, grown sons have opted to not serve their country by joining the military while mitt romney and his political party pursue what amounts to an illegal miltary action, with every desire to extend that and, if not invade, to bomb iran into rubble.

    think hard, winston, about whether you REALLY think mitt romney, CPAC and the republican party are a wise choice.

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