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Indonesians for Obama

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Indonesian bloggers are rallying behind US Presidential hopeful Barak Obama in a unique way – through a Facebook group called Indonesia for Obama '08 [1]. Although they naturally cannot vote, they are nevertheless making their voices heard.

The group, which so far has 250 members and counting, describes itself as:

We are Indonesian, we know our vote doesn't count, but we will vote with our heart.
We believe that America still is and should always be a land of OPPORTUNITY, a place of EQUALITY and HOPE.
We believe that Barack Obama should be the next American President!

Writing to the group, Kukuh Tw says:

if Obama failed, we, indonesian blogger will build party and ask him to be next candidate indonesian president for 2009-2014

Jesse Armand notes:

It's time for USA to make a change, to show that USA is not the evil that a lot of people thought of.

Gawain Arthur cannot agree more and adds:

Faith, Hope, and Love. I believe on them. Under Obama administration, the US will be on the right track, and come to her utopia! Stand for change!

Heru Susetyo further explains:

I strongly support Obama, not just because He used to live in Indonesia and I used to live in Illinois, but largely because he condemns Iraqi war and fighting for minority rights, so go for it Obama !

Meanwhile, Dyah Meirina Rimenta cannot hide her happiness as she writes:

Obama Leads Hillary ! Yeahh!

And Andrian Dwiadmodjo is impressed with Obama's linguistic skills and remarks:

His story of becoming a strong candidate is like a fairy tale. And thank God US can finally have a (future) president that can speak proper English.