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Canadians, the northern neighbors to the United States, have a lot at stake in the upcoming elections. A plethora of “Canadians for Obama” groups have cropped up on Facebook, including Canadians for Barack Obama, and Canadians Supporting Barack Obama. A website representing Canadian fans of Obama helps to organize Canadian volunteers for Obama's campaign.

Canadians for Barack Obama describes itself thus:

This is group is for those of us in Canada who want to see the White House go back to the Democrats and want to see Barack Obama as the Next President of the United States

Unsurprisingly, a popular subject of late is the remarks of Reverend Wright and Obama's subsequent speech on race. Terry Stene, a member of the group, says:

I can't believe how the media in the US is milking this Reverend J. Wright story. Barack Obama is not responsible for the things Wright says. It is just rediculous and pretty sad actually. The speech Barack Obama gave on race was amazing, the best speech I have heard him give so far. The media needs to move on to more important issues. CNN in particular has disappointed me, I expect better from them.

In response, Jesse Gardner posts:

We differ on a key point, Terry: I expect virtually nothing from CNN except Center-Right propaganda only slightly more balanced than Faux Nooz.

Jonathan Van Dusen points out the influence the media is having on the situation:

I saw a great interview with Obama the other night, him and Charlie Gibson, and Obama mentioned that what people were seeing from Rev. Wright was similar to taking the five stupidest things that either Barack or Charlie had ever said, and then to run them on a loop on the major news networks.

There's a slightly tragic problem here. Obama is so intelligent and sensitive that anything he says about this matter is nuanced to the point of going over the average person's head. He won't disown the guy, like the sensationalist media wants him to, since Rev. Wright brought him into the faith. Yet he realises that the reverend made a mistake. How can FOX explain that one?

Cate Firmin agrees and adds:

it is the minister–he has made it hard for obama—i love barack and would vote for him if i was american—great delegate—-take care

Olena Seredynska of Canadians Supporting Barack Obama rhetorically asks “Can Obama win?” then says:

Obviously, all the members of this group would like to hear a resounding ‘yes, he can!’. I am no exception. But is America ready for Obama? We must remember that this a country who only four years ago voted for George Bush!

Mark Warner believes that yes, he can:

America is more ready than Canada is! I now think he can, and will beat Hillary. Her campaign is imploding it seems. A McCain – Obama contest will be close, but if he wins the same states as Kerry, plus Ohio then he would win. Tonight he won more votes in the Virginia Democratic primary – in a Republican state – than McCain and Huckabee combined. That would appear to put Viginia in play too in the Fall. More and more, I think we can say “yes, he can” from our heads and not just our hearts!


  • Jonathan Van Dusen

    Found this site after Googling my name — I am amazed to see that a comment I made on Facebook hit the blogosphere. What an amazing world!

    Obama seems to have an amazing amount of support in Canada — perhaps it’s because our Canadian channels have not devoted as much attention to the petty “issues” such as Rev. Wright and lapel pins. Being a high school student, I can also say that, were my school in charge, Obama would have won all 2,025 delegates by now. His support amongst young people here is truly astounding.

  • put aside all your differences. Please put a democrat in the office this year…we depend on you ……….all those who chose Hillary as did I, need to put the signs down and move on, move on! Obama in 08!!!!!!! please , Nora McLellan

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