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Obama: Flip-flopping over abortion?

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Throughout his candidacy, Barack Obama has consistently been seen [1] as an advocate for abortion rights, earning him support from such organizations as NARAL [2].  But after Obama clarified his position [3] on late-term abortions this past Saturday, saying that he opposed “mental distress” as a reason for late-term (22 weeks or later) abortions, the blogosphere was quick to question Obama's true beliefs.

Kiwiblog (New Zealand) calls Obama's actions [4] “another move to the center”, saying:

He has just come out against late term abortions unless there is a serious physical threat to the mother. He has specifically rejected mental distress as grounds for late term abortions.

Though the post was brief, it garnered many comments. dime was appalled:

wow this guy changes his mind more than kerry!

Grant Michael McKenna, on the other hand, thinks Obama's doing what's natural:

And so it goes- the very fact that he is moving to the consensus shows why he will be a competent president…

The Dissenting Indian (India/USA) is not particularly concerned [5] by Obama's statement, given that he left room for “clinical mental health issues”:

OK… So there are exceptions made for “serious clinical mental health diseases.” That sounds much better. And I am pretty sure there aren't women rushing out for an abortion just because they have suddenly had a change of heart – much as the GOP/religious right would try to hype the situation. [My opinion is based solely on my gut – not on any actual knowledge.]