Trinidad & Tobago: Hillary and the Divided Vote

Hillary Rodham Clinton has fully endorsed Barack Obama's candidacy and her cry of war no way, no how, no McCain has reverberated on and offline around the world. In the Caribbean, in Trinidad and Tobago, to be more specific, bloggers continue to discuss her support for Obama and the Democratic Party and question whether Hillary's supporters would jump ship and vote for Republican nominee John McCain.

Afrobella says that although Hillary Clinton is working hard to rally support for Obama, some of her supporters are still sceptical about voting for Barack Obama. She notes:

But for every one of her remaining supporters who plans to do what Hillary’s encouraging them to do — no way, no how, no McCain — there are those who apparently can’t get behind that sentiment. As revealed in this Washington Post article, there are holdouts who simply refuse to cast their vote for Obama, even though his policies are so similar to their would-be candidate.

According to Afrobella, such strong resistance means that they:

would rather see victory go to someone who directly opposes many of their candidate’s policies, rather than someone who supports them.

Her post has so far attracted 44 comments at the time of doing this round up.

Shones agrees and adds:

Hillary gave a rousing speech full of promise for the road ahead. She was truly amazing in her delivery. Hillary supported Obama over, and over, and over again throughout the speech, and yet still some staunch HRC supporters refuse to support her EVEN AFTER she said, “I want you to ask yourselves: Were you in this campaign just for me? Or was it for the marine, etc.” I guess their answer is “yes… well, not really, I was in it for ME, Hill.” After her speech last night, IMHO, their refusal to back the candidate she supports is a slap in HER face.

Plus, I anticipate Obama giving Hillary a position in his cabinet if he wins… so it would be a win-win for everyone if they could just pull it together. Sheesh.

Mom and Dad said:

Hilary is a class act and America is America. We really hope that Democrats look at the bigger picture and the common good and rally behind their chosen candidate, as eloquently and passionately pleaded by Mrs.Clinton. The whole world is watching.

edessedesigns is also touched by Hillary's gesture:

I agree with Shones. I have always liked Hillary. Say what you will about her but I really like her. The media and Obama supporters were/still are very unkind to her and some the remarks I read after she made her speech last night just reminded me that she is damned if she does or does not.

Gisele hopes the media would expose the Democratic Party's deserters and says:

I would like CNN or some other major news outlet to do an in depth story on these Hillary supporters who hate Obama so much; and present them for who they really are. A group of hateful women who do not want to admit their sense of entitlement for Hillary’s candidacy is based on nothing other than privilege, charading as victims of sexism.

Obama has done nothing but remain agentleman throughout Hill and Bill’s venomous attacks against him. I mean, to imply that she should be prez because Obama might even get shot?! Yet for someone to say they “hate Obama so much” says so much about this particular demographic that needs to be addressed. Basically, ain’t nobody trying to drive Miss Daisy no more and many of them are beside themselves with bitterness, and I will personally be mad as hell if this arrogance causes Obama the presidency. But I don’t think it will.

And for Z'maji of HauteBlogXOXO the reason why some would not back Obama is racial:

I hate to be the one that goes full force upon the COLOR train, but the only reason anyone would vote for someone that totally and completely opposes what you believe in this case would have to do with the color of his skin. I know some people will say that “some of the opposers are black” THAT DOESN’T CHANGE A THING. There are white people and black people that will not stand to have a black president.

Another blogger from Trinidad and Tobago, W Lotus says when compared to Obama, Hillary doesn't go back on her word:

I didn't watch Senator Clinton's speech last night; I knew she would say whatever she would have to say in order to keep her word to support Senator Obama's presidential bid. Unlike Obama in the very recent past, she hasn't struck me as one to go back on her word. I also know she is playing the game, doing whatever she feels she must do in order to semi-protect her career within the party. That may or may not be wise.

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