Taiwan: Observations on the 2008 Presidential Election

In Taiwan, like in the United States, there are supporters and critics for both presidential candidates running for the 2008 US presidential election.

evil capitalism criticizes John McCain's emphasis in the elections:


The focus of the 2008 United States presidential election should be economy instead of national security or the war in Iraq. I do not know what to say when I see McCain still focusing on national security.

evil capitalism does not support the candidate for vice president chosen by McCain, either.


The best candidate for vice president is a senior politician who survives public survey and attack. This kind of person has the least weakness, so they will at most ruin the reputation of the presidential candidate minimally.
McCain's choice of candidate for vice president is the biggest strategic error after he started to run for presidency.

On the other hand, Barack Obama has also raised concerns about what he will do if he were elected.

Mr. 6 said most Obama's supporters do not really know why they choose Obama:

全矽谷顯然都支持黑人候選人歐巴馬(Barrack Obama),我自己也喜歡他。但問問為什麼支持他,坦白說,真的就如文章說的,歐巴馬代表「digi-cool」,歐巴馬代表「數位酷」,歐巴馬代表 「改革」,媒體都說歐巴馬是下一個約翰甘迺迪呢!但這些人之中,有幾個是真正觀察政見與其他候選人之後才做出「喜歡歐巴馬」的決定?

People in the whole Silicon Valley obviously support presidential candidate Barrack Obama, and I like him, too. However, if I ask people why they support Obama, to be honest, the reason might be — Obama represents “digi-cool,” Obama represents “reform,” and the mainstream media says that Obama is the next John Kennedy. How many people among these supporters make their decision after they really study Obama's policy and compare his policy to others'?

Iron said Obama should show a firm stance.

部份評論家都認為因為歐巴馬沒有歷史包袱,不是越戰世代,沒當過嬉皮,再加上他的膚色可以整合黑白,所以可以超越舊時代的文化戰爭,整合美國的重大政治分歧。歐巴馬自己也是如此強調;… 問題是,這個看似中立的立場讓許多人批評歐巴馬除了修辭美麗外,並沒有清楚實質的價值。…歐巴馬很難超越舊的文化戰爭而不成為政治投機主義。政治人物可以務實,但不能沒有立場。

Some critics think that Obama does not have any historic burden. He is not from the Vietnam war generation, he has never been a hippie, and he may surmount the culture war from the old generations and integrate the great divide in U.S. politics because his skin is a combination of black and white. Obama himself also emphasizes this point of view…However, many people criticized this seemingly neutral stance and said Obama does not have a real value in addition to his beautiful speech…Obama will have difficulty to surmount those old culture wars without being politically opportunistic. Political figures can be practical, but they should have their stance.

samhain preferred McCain because of his suspicions toward Obama's speech.


I prefer to believe an old warrior. An old warrior has his own conservative and practical way. I do not want to believe in a dream maker.

There are more Taiwanese not choosing a side but observing carefully how Americans proceed their presidential election.

Ironsnow commented on the presence of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin in the elections:


To be honest, I really envy that there are so many outstanding female political figures in the United States.

Beefcake is interested in a gay senior high school student.

這則令我感興趣的報導,是有關美國一位很有勇氣16歲高中生的故事,他叫做William Sleaster,也是這幾天美國炒總統大選新聞時不可遺漏的重要人物,這個事件也間接著代表青少年與弱勢族群的心聲。 …雖然這種積極爭取權利的人,有時會惹來一般民眾和保守派的討厭,但對我這個無膽的人來說,他們真的是另一個境界的人。

This interesting news is about a brave 16 year-old senior high school student, William Sleaster, who is an important figure in the U.S. presidential election these days. This event represents how teenagers and minorities in the U.S. think of the presidential election…When these people fight for their rights, other people, especially conservatives, do not like them. However, to me, as someone who doesn't have the courage to do so, they are very outstanding.

Furthermore, Jas9 cares about how non-profit organisations reach their goals by working with these political figures.

今年因應日益白熱化的美國總統大選,Best Friends更推出Obama Family Dog(建請民主黨總統候選人歐巴馬認養流浪狗)的請願活動,呼籲美國社會大眾:以認養流浪狗取代購買竉物狗。

In this hot presidential election year, Best Friends set up Obama Family Dog petition (asking the Democratic presidential candidate Obama to adopt stray dogs) to appeal to Americans to adopt stray dogs instead of buying dogs at a pet shop.


  • Lady C

    Mr 6, are you aware that Obama had over 18,000,000 votes in the primary? If you were able to talk to most of his supporters, you are one “awesome” dude.

    If you have not, your observation of why we support Obama is flawed. Dontcha think?


    I watched both conventions and witnessed history.

    Barack Hussein Obama is smart and has a great personality but he is not believable and cannot be trusted. Obama “HOPES” we won’t notice how many times he has “CHANGED” his mind. He has based his entire campaign on lies. He has too many ties to terrorists and anti-Americans (Ayers, Rezko, Said, Farrakhan, Pfleger, Wright [‘God Damn America’], etc.). If you are the leader of a country — or a business for that matter, there are no “present” votes — That’s how Obama voted most of the time. He worked 142 days in the Senate and spent the rest of the time running for president. Obama will bankrupt America — especially with his capital gains taxes. His death tax will hurt our children and grandchildren. No one is experienced on ALL issues; however, he is not experienced enough ON ANY ISSUE to run this country. He keeps bashing President Bush — President Bush is NOT in this race! Obama is unqualified and unfit to become Commander-In-Chief. In fact, his association with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, among others, would prevent him from getting the security clearance needed to enter the military as a private. HE HAS NEVER SERVED OUR COUNTRY!

    Joe Biden does have political experience. If Obama wins, he will be the puppet and Biden the puppeteer (vie Bush/Cheney). The only difference is that Biden doesn’t know when to shut his mouth or turn on his filter! In the debates, Biden himself said Obama was not prepared to be President and that it wasn’t a position to “test drive”. Biden was right — we do not need a president in training! Obama knew how his own colleagues felt about his inexperience.

    The Honorable John McCain has worked for our country for all of his adult life. He brings years of experience. He has proven he loves our country enough to die for us! John McCain is a Hero and true American Patriot. He has shown his integrity. He is genuine — A man that I trust. As for his choice of Sarah Palin, she has a lot of good points herself. As one Proud American, he gets my vote!

    Sarah Palin is smart, accomplished, believable and likable. She brings a breath of fresh air and offers change we can believe in. She has more executive and leadership experience than any candidate. She is governor of our largest state. She crossed party lines to do what was right for Alaska and will do the same for the United States of America! PALIN IS A STRONG COMBINATION OF GRACE AND STRENGTH. I have no qualms about stating that SOME DAY, Sarah Palin will most assuredly be the first woman President of the United States!


  • Justin

    Lady C – I am from the Silicon Valley and I cannot either, quite frankly, see what all the excitement about Mr. Obama is about. Neither a liberal or conservative is the answer. By nature, both parties hold deep reservations about certain things that simply defy logic. What we need is an agile politician — one who does the right things, at the right times, not just because it’s what the “party” wants.

  • Isabella

    I was appalled when Republican strategist claimed that this election is not about the issue but personality. Quite frankly, if I wasn’t just a new immigrant, I would probably feel insulted by that statement. If average American choose not to read and study deeply into issues but simply judge and make their choice according to vague impression, hearsay or bumper stickers, than I will have to agree that Obama was wrong, that American people are stupid!!!

  • jon k habit

    If we elect John McCain, he will start WWIII, period. Maybe on accident, but it won’t matter much when we are all pulverized into fire and ash.

  • jon k habit

    Furthermore, to the guy here who says Barack “can’t be trusted…” hmm,that sounds exactly how a Klansman might’ve referred to the local negro shoe shine boy… i can see right through you people

  • Geo

    Obama made a mistake and basically admitted to being a Muslim. (He said, “My Muslim Faith”).

    Is anyone seriously considering putting a Muslim (Christian /Jew hater) in the White House?

    God, please heal out land !

  • raybar

    Excuse me GEO, where the hell are you getting these lies? Off of Yahoo Answers? Be specific and tell me where and when Barack Obama EVER said he was a Muslim. Be specific you coward liar!

  • Geo

    Here ya go raybar – hear it for yourself. He made a Mohammedan slip. No true Christian makes this mistake. This was all over the news week before last. If you do your homework on this pathetic socialist candidate…you wouldn’t be calling me a liar. Obama is the “LIAR.”


  • So IF he were a Muslim, that means he hates Christians and Jews? All Muslims hate them?

    Geo, get an education, get out of your house. You can’t generalize a group of people unless you somehow can understand their feelings personally. Just because you saw a big bad terrorist man from Yemen on Fox News doesn’t mean you can associate his idiotic rambling for the rest of the Muslim faith.

    Besides, these past “Christian” presidents…especially the last one…have been a disaster.

    Oh, and John McCain didn’t want to “die” for his country. He was captured. He had a good chance to die for his country when he was stranded in the middle of North Vietnam with a pistol and a burning jet. Just wanted to point that out that it wasn’t this huge blaze of glory, last stand, “I’m giving EVERYTHING to my country” type scenario. It as more of a “I’m from a military family, so I’m inspired to join” and then a “oh scheiss don’t die” situation afterwards.

    After watching Sarah Palin on Catie Couric or any of her other telepromter-less TV experiences…you can scratch off the “grace” from the “strength and grace” part. I will give her “strength”, though, but it’s more like that “strength of a retard” kind. Everything is stacked against her, mostly because of her own fault. Everyone calls her out on her mistakes, she tries to turn it around and blame it on the media. She’s terrible at subtly dodging questions. She’s just an “adorable little cornered animal”. Anyone in their right mind would throw in the towel rather than become the laughing stock and more ridiculous vice president nominee in the history of the US.

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