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From sheer outrage to hilarious quips on what the Presidential candidates were saying at last night's debate, international Twitter users across different time zones were glued to their television and computer screens following every word uttered by Senators John McCain and Barack Obama.

AmiraAlHussaini, from Bahrain, is clearly an Obama supporter:


Twitterers had strong feelings about Iraq. AmiraAlHussaini said:


Fehlauer, from Brazil, also commented on McCain's strategy of “winning” in Iraq:


Much of the debate was centered on Iran, and Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. AmiraAlHussaini is amazed that John McCain cannot pronounce Ahmadinejad:


Brazilian Fehlauer thinks that McCain has it all wrong when it comes to Iran:


lrakoto, from Madagascar, is with Obama in that Ahmadinejad is perhaps not top dog in Iran:


Reacting to John McCain's comments about former Russian President Vladimir Putin, Danish-Puerto Rican Solanasaurus joked:


Just like their television counterparts, this group of Twitter pundits couldn't immediately determine the “winner” of the debates. AmiraalHussaini concluded the tweet session by saying:


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    1. Ed in Sonoma Says:

      I began as a Democrat. After seeing their moral bankruptcy I became a Republican. After seeing their callous greed I became an independent. Now after realizing realizing the corruptness of the whole lot of them I’m realizing we the people must follow the advice o Thomas Jefferson.

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