Debate Watch: What is Sarah Palin Getting Into?

Just a few short hours until the 2008 Vice Presidential Debate and days ahead from Sarah Palin’s infamous interviews with Katie Couric. So, what’s expected of the Republican VP candidate tonight, as she proves to the world and American voters that she’s a superior choice to Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden?

Colombian blogger Neocon Latina writes despite the Couric interviews, “underdog” Palin can still win.

“But given Palin's rather uninspiring recent performances with Couric and elsewhere, I'd say she's now a solid two-touchdown underdog. How will she do? I predict she covers the spread, but that may no longer be enough. Indeed, with the recent Obama surge, we may need a flat-out win from Palin to get back into this thing.

Will it happen? Ya never know — the Giants were nearly two touchdown underdogs heading into the Superbowl against the Pats. I'll certainly be watching to see if Palin can pull a Tyree.”

Chauncey DeVega also writes that Palin winning is a possibility.

“I have to be honest folks, my spidey sense is tingling on this one because either Palin and the Republicans are playing us all and she is a genius who will emerge to greatly surprise and embarrass Joe Biden in a manner akin to the movie the Ringer, where an “able bodied” and not mentally “handicapped” person participates in the Special Olympics to rig the games for the Mafia.”

Writing at Mideast Youth, Palestinian Ray Hanania adds to this, stating that Palin is a great speaker.

“Although in all honesty as I watched her read without any slipups her moving conservative perspective on the world, I kept thinking it was a monologue on Saturday Night Live and Palin was “news roaster” Tina Fey. Oh for the old days of entertainment, which is what American political conventions have become. It is not about issues any longer. It's about how great you sound delivering your speech. How you “spin” the issues to draw on the emotional strings of the American people, who, despite all the promises made over the years by candidates, face the same old challenges.”

On the other hand, despite her talent of giving speeches, Moroccan blogger Laila Lalami writes about her lack of press interviews and conferences.

“What does it say about our political culture that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the nut job head of state of Iran, can travel to New York, give an open press conference, and face reporters in unscripted questions, while Sarah Palin, the VP candidate, still hasn't?”

An expat from Taiwan
isn’t expecting much from the Republican candidate.

“Palin is the dumbest thing to ever attempt American presidential politics. Dumber even than Dubya, and that’s saying something.”

While, Mexican blogger Baron Vitelius of Estera writes that he is unsure if he can make it through 90 minutes of Palin debating.

“Do I need to stay home and live-blog tonight's debate? I don't see how any of us can keep our sanity through 90 minutes of it unless we have a Sarah Palin Drinking Game to fall back on. Any ideas?”

Puerto Rican Liza points out in Culture Kitchen that some McCain admirers are still upset about his VP choice.

“Jack Cafferty is really mad at John McCain for his VP pick. I don't know which way Cafferty swings politically but I know he's been a Capitol Hill journalist for a hell of a long time; making me believe he may even know McCain personally.

It must be such a betrayal for guys of his generation to see this “Maverick” who they admired and propped up, throw everything away for what's looking like a desperate attempt at a power grab. A rather pathetic power grab, that is.

With this “bail out crisis” we can see that not even members of his own party want him.”

Despite some pessimistic thoughts, Israeli blogger Sultan Knish writes that Palin’s negative image should be blamed on the media and doesn’t define her.

“The liberal media after all are the masters of playing Catch 22 with conservative candidates and Cheney\Palin are a perfect example of the game. Nominate an old pro and he's an evil puppet master. Nominate a fresh face and he's a moron. The media is playing the Dan Quayle game with Palin and some conservatives are falling for it. But lest conservatives forget the media have played the same game with Bush himself for nearly a decade and they've gotten nowhere because Bush clearly showed how to beat the media at their game, show confidence, laugh off any mistakes you make and keep a down home attitude about everything because it's a manufactured campaign that will pass.”

He adds that if she does become the next vice president, all she needs is a little adjustment.

“Palin has suffered from hysterical overreactions on both sides. Hysterical hatred from liberals and hysterical adoration from conservatives and now a hysterical backlash from some conservatives. She has an interesting story, but she isn't superhuman, she can't fly or change the nation in 5 minutes. Like every Governor who wends his or her way to the White House, she'll need time to learn and adjust, but she has proven that she's capable of taking on big jobs, which frankly is more than Obama has proven.”

Lady Artist, an American living the “a subtropical paradise” adds to this, writing that she wouldn’t be surprised if Palin became president someday.

“I’m looking forward to tonight’s VP debate with enthusiasm and a bit of nervousness. Yea Palin is young and inexperienced, but I think she can hold her own if she doesn’t trip up or get exasperated.

On the topic of inexperience, okay … it’s important to have experience, but I also think, being a woman of faith, that a bit of trust and stick-behind-it-ness is warranted in Palin’s case. I think she’s got unbelievable potential as an effective politician.”

Finally, for Lebanese American blogger, AK, health care is still an issue when voting this election.

“I couldn't help but wonder how her family would have been be able to afford health care had she not been governor. A child with Down Syndrome and an unemployed and pregnant 17-year old daughter, would break any middle class family.

For that, it was interesting to me that she has never broached the issue of health care. Instead, she has been using her family to prove points about abortion and conservatism, as seen by the religious right.”


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