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Hanging Sarah Palin in Effigy

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When news broke that a West Hollywood couple had hung a Sarah Palin effigy by a noose outside their home as part of a Halloween display, the blogosphere could hardly contain itself. Although many bloggers agreed that the effigy was not a crime, there was a general feeling that it was in bad taste.

Jordanian blogger Camel's Nose felt [1] that Barack Obama himself should have stood up against the incident:

Whatever you think of Sarah Palin’s politics, there is no excuse [2] for the hate speech [3] that has been unleashed [4] against her [5]. The latest is some guy in West Hollywood, California, Chad Michael Morrisette, who thinks hanging Sarah Palin with a noose makes for good art. Is anyone else as dumbfounded by this as I am? Here [6] is the link.

Listen to the video too. The guy who put it up, Chad Michael Morrisette, says:

I know if we had done it with Barack Obama people probably would have thrown things through our windows…I mean, the image of a hanged black man is a LOT more intense than the image of a hanged white woman…

I am thinking of one person who has the eloquence to talk about this disgraceful episode in the way it deserves to be talked about.

Commenter Heather is not impressed with the quote by Morrisette:

I think it is misogynistic. Listen to Chad Michael Morrissette’s own words. It is “more intense” to depict a black man hung by a noose than a white woman because of “our history.” It is obviously correct that black men have been murdered by racists through lynching. But “our history” is also stinking with violence against women, and worse, the complacency about it by people like the “artist” Morrissette. This complacency is why women are still murdered, why girls are sexually assaulted, why women and girls are still used in sexual slavery. Putting Palin in a noose is VERY intense, Chad Michael.

The Canadian Sentinel thinks [7] that the outrage against the incident would be much bigger were the effigy of Obama rather than Palin:

Wouldn't there be a much bigger outrage and uproar if it was Obama who was lynched or burned alive in effigy?

Oh… I see… it is, however, ok to lynch, in effigy, a “white”, conservative, Christian woman and to depict an elderly “white” war hero being burned alive, as far as the “artist” is concerned…

The hatefulness of the Far Left knows no boundaries; nothing's too taboo for them- they'll be anything bad/evil if it advances their radically extreme agenda… They're sooo racist, sexist, you name it!

Clearly, this can be considered incitement to deadly violence… the psychotic, hateful, “progressive” “artist” responsible for this so-called “free speech” (is it simply “free speech” to incite murder, or is it a crime?) should be appropriately charged and dealt with. A strong, unmistakable message ought to be sent so as to make it clear that Free World elections are to be free of intimidation and incitement to violence, something the Far Left seems to think is ok…

Saying “It's Halloween, dude, so it's ok” doesn't make it ok

French blogger and McCain supporter Le blog drzz sees hypocrisy [8] as well:

Un homosexuel habitant a West Hollywood, en Californie, a exposé devant sa maison un mannequin représentant la candidate à la vice-présidence républicaine pendue haut et court[..] Pendant ce temps, n'importe quel loser alcoolique qui crache sur Obama dans son patelin perdu du Colorado ou du Tennessee est immédiatement jeté dans un pénitencier par le FBI…

A homosexual living in West Hollywood, California exposed a doll representing the Republican VP hanged by her neck […] Meanwhile, an alcoholic loser who dares to spit on Obama in his little town in Colorado or Tennessee is immediately thrown into jail by the FBI.

Incidentally, the owners of the home have commented to the L.A. Times [9].