The October Surprises

October has come and gone .. and bloggers are still asking what the highly anticipated October surprise could have been.

For Jotman, who blogs on Thailand, the surprise was the US military raid across the Iraqi border into Syria.

Jotman asks:

McCain's October Surprise: Syria?

He further adds:

This WaPo article also discusses the new policy shift marked by the attack on Syria. “

By approving a U.S. military raid across the Iraqi border into Syria, Bush has changed the rules once again. Call it an October surprise — if not, at least so far, the October surprise.”

That's more or less what I called it at the time.

McCain campaign statements prove that the raid on Syria was perceived to have armed McCain with some new political amunition to use against Obama.

Jewish blogger, Richard Silverstein, says the October surprise or rather “madness” could have been statements such as Joe the Plumber's agreement with a question posed to him on whether a vote for Barack Obama means the death of Israel.

He explains:

Well, golly gee, Obama means the death of Israel–that’s sure “penetrating and clear analysis” now isn’t it? I’d suggest if they haven’t done so by now that somebody with half a brain in McCain’s senior echelons oughta flat out deny any validity to this statement. And they also might want to get Joe off the road before he shoots himself or McCain in the foot some more.

You’ve heard of March Madness and an October Surprise? I think John McCain’s October Surprise IS outbursts like Joe the Plumber’s. But I do think instead of October Surprise, we should call it “October Madness,” which seems all John McCain has to offer the American people.

From Barcelona, Spain, Marc Leprêtre offers a number of scenarios. He explains:

Democrats are biting their nails over an “October surprise” – a terrorist attack, an 11th-hour intervention by Osama bin Laden or a Republican resurrection of the race issue are three feared scenarios. Indeed, if Obama does manage to lose, it will probably be thanks to the colour of his skin. A third of voters claim to know someone who will not vote for the Democrat because he is black, according to The New York Times survey.

The blogger continues:

In truth, however, the “October surprise” has probably already happened, courtesy of Wall Street. The financial and economic crisis is proving fatal to McCain. Each time he tries to regroup, the market plunges again, turning voters against the incumbent party held responsible for the mess.

Last last week, McCain seemed to acknowledge he might lose. In New Hampshire, scene of his most remarkable comebacks, he seemed to strike the wistful note of a politician in the autumn of his career. “I can't think of any place I'd rather be as the election draws close, an underdog in the state of New Hampshire,” he told a rally.

Maybe al-Qa'ida, or some sudden, huge foreign crisis will scramble the cards, but there's no guarantee McCain will benefit. Maybe US forces will capture Bin Laden. Maybe the Dow will jump 3,000 points. And maybe pigs will fly.

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  • Aster Campenol

    Let’s see here…
    Syria cross boarder raid… Nah McCain/Obama support (As in Pakistan). Biggest Surprise is Obama cannot produce a valid US berth certificate. He can only produce certification of birth. Well, we can all produce that by our existence (chicken or egg theory). I suspect Obama will win and will actually be thrown out b/c he is not a US citizen. Many US citizens will object… A new constitutional amendment will be put in place allowing naturalized US citizens to run for President. After that, the terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) will be elected president. Look out terrorists, he will have no mercy. Like a master to his faithful pet… “Getem”

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