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There is a post-modern American presidential virus (I call it ArmGenDen-itis) that infects US Congressmen and President-elects immediately after their election victories – the criminal denial of the attempted Genocide of the Armenians in 1915 by the Ottoman elite of the Young Turks.

When not-infected yet, to suck up all the votes of the American Armenians, American Congress and Presidential candidates abundantly and heartrendingly acknowledge the unendurable Tragedy of all the Armenians worldwide. My own parents were survivors, and it still hurts ME in my own three scores and six years.

Having gobbled up the Armenian vote in America (definitely over a million!), the US political elite (post election and instant infection) inhumanly (never mind dishonorably, shamelessly, filthily – call it what you like in English – my own mother used to say in Armenian, “they lick their own spit”) renege on their pre-election promise and eagerly eat their own words – precisely what President Reagan (Senator McCain’s senile hero) did, Bush the Father did, unworthy son Bush did even last year – and alas, alack, the tragic President Clinton did too …

The failure of the genocidal attempt is used as an argument by the genociders and their defendants to prove the non-existence of their criminal act. They are too dumb to grasp the historical fact that all attempts at genocide have always failed, as if by divine will and as evidence of the power of God’s miraculous goodness, to nail the satanic coffin of the genociders in historical ignominy. The mad Genghis Khan, a thousand years ago, was determined to murder all the peoples of China because he wanted the country empty as a vast grazing ground for his horses …

The Three Major Deniers of the Holocaust – and it does not include Iran’s President

Winston Churchill called it ‘The Holocaust of the Armenians’, before the humane Raphael Lemkin, the learned Jewish American Lawyer coined with legalistic precision the immortal label for it – genocide. It is a pity that the American Jewish Lobby did not follow suit, and childishly, just to spite the Armenians and all those who they thought were encroaching on their uniqueness, refused to adopt Lemkin’s verbal coinage of genius to their own case. Time shall be ripe that they do, I hope before long.

Language – words – is extremely important for truth-acquisition, especially as the same words are tortured and twisted into lies by ruthless marketing men and false historians. As if it were not enough that Jewish intellectuals should deny themselves the horrendous fact of a genocide – holocaust etymologically means no more than “burning whole”, an apt description of the Nazi crematoria, but nothing like History’s charge of a genocidal crime perpetrated – worse, as a result of blunted linguistic consciousness (and of course political expediency) the State of Israel today officially and formally denies the genocide of the Armenians, and that by the mouth of a pseudo-socialist Shimon Peres.

Jewish Armenians or Armenian Jews

Britain’s ex-prime minister Tony Blair may have been (and still may be for all I know) the lap-dog of Bush junior – but I find it impossible to accept that the State of Israel should be the lap-dog of the US governments, to the degree that of all nations, the prime victim-nation of a genocidal holocaust should be the one to deny the genocide of the Armenians, on whose mountains of Ararat Noah’s family and animals were saved, of whose mountains the Hebrew people descended, whose King Dikran the Great (Tiridates in classical Greek sources) uplifted a whole community of Jews from Palestine (around 100 BC - then part of his empire) and brought them safely into the heartland of his Kingdom in present-day Turkey, to build a new capital city named after him Dikran-a-gerd (=built by Dikran, re-named by Turks Diyarbekir). This fact – little known in world history – is recorded in our ‘Herodotus’, the 5th c. AD Historian, Movsess Khorenatsi (known as Moses of Khoren – translated even into Latin in the 17th c. Europe). My own family stretches back to those days – all our records lost tragically because of the genocidal holocausts since.

I care very little for the mad and the bad who deny my genocide. I have Turkish friends I call brothers and sisters who cannot still bring themselves to acknowledging it – actually, I feel immensely sad and sorry for them, as I feel their sense of shame, against their government’s totally stupid denial – insufferably stupid, because Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, mythologized as the Father of modern Turkey and the Turkish nation, himself once a member of the Young Turks, had acknowledged their deed in the most powerful possible Turkish-language description of it as a “shameful act”. [Kazim Őztűrk, ed., Atatűrkűn TBMM Ac̨ik ve Gizli Oturumlardaki Konus̨malari, vol. I, Ankara: Kűltűr Bakanliği, 1992, p. 59; cited in Taner Akcam, A Shameful Act, The Armenian Genocide and The Question of Turkish Responsibility, tr. Paul Bessemer, New York: Metropolitan Books, Henry Holt & Company, 2006, p. 380]

Ataturk’s definition contains more than meets the English eyes – it refers to the turkish national custom as much of using the expression as a euphemism for the crime of Rape.

The Nazi copy-cat imitation of the Young Turks

Although suspected at the time, as the Ottoman Armies were under German High Command, Professor Vahakn N. Dadrian has proven exhaustively the German Responsibility in the Armenian Genocide, A Review of the Historical Evidence of German Complicity (title of his book), Watertown: Blue Crane Books, 1996. Professor Dadrian has proven legalistically even more – the direct causality (and the historical continuity) of the Jewish Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis entirely modeled on nothing else but the Young Turk paradigm of the genocide of the Armenians.

About 2,000 German officers of the German imperial High Command in Turkey during the First World War had witnessed first-hand – like the young Baron Konstantin von Neurath, First Secretary of the German Embassy in Istanbul (the State Archives in Bonn are awash with his eye-witness accounts), and frequently participated in the genocide, became the Nazi hierarchy during the Second World War, including Rudolf Hőss, the Commandant of Auschwitz.

The British Government of the day was the first to document meticulously in a way the best of the British know how to, the facts of the attempted genocide of the Armenians as a Blue Book first, then published famously separately in 1916; James Bryce and Arnold Toynbee, The Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, 1915-1916, Documents Presented to Viscount Grey of Falloden by Viscount Bryce, Uncensored Edition, ed. and with an introduction by Ara Sarafian, Princeton: Gomidas Institue, 2000.

The whole world was shocked when the blessed Jewish American ambassador in Istanbul, Henry Morgenthau, published his memoirs … dispatched to Istanbul, to intervene for his own Diaspora people, Morgenthau temporarily ‘forgot’ about them blinded by the horrors of their fellow Armenians. As a direct result, the American Human rights movement arose, exhaustively recorded by Peter Balakian (The Burning Tigris, A History of the Armenian Genocide, Pimlico, Random House, 2005), to evolve eventually I suggest into its different forms, including the revolutions of the Flower Power, Black Power, Feminism, Gay & Lesbian Rights and the Black Civil Rights Movements.

In spite of such massive accumulated evidence, the Turkish government proposed to form a Commission of Historians to establish facts already established a thousand times … while murdering any historian that dares to establish them – like Hrant Dink in Istanbul, and pouring death threats on reluctant Turkish refugees like Taner Akcam and Orhan Pamuk. What foolish Historian would risk life and limb to join such a Commission!

Today, the only ‘great’ deniers of the genocide of the Armenians, led by America, are the British and Israeli governments in bed with the Turkish government. Let the official fools and frauds of America, Britain, and Turkey deny History, Truth, and historical Fact, to their false-hearts’ contentment – what is unbearable, unforgivable, a Badass lesson to the rest of the world is the denial by the Israeli State – No, a thousand and one times No to Israel.

Genocide denied is genocide committed – any wonder that the Turkish state is still at it on their Kurds, Israel on their Palestinians, America and Britain in Darfur and Iraq … all because the Nazis were allowed to copy-cat the Young Turks, who got away with it, and remain still un-punished in absentia by American government refusal to acknowledge the failed genocide of the Armenians.

Barack Obama – At last a world-leader that shall seek, see and find and live the Truth

Why am I so confident that Barack Obama as the next President of the United States shall not be infected by ArmGenDen-itis and his acknowledgment shall finally render the denial of the Triumvirate of Fools and lap-dogs – Britain, Israel, and Turkey redundant?

The answer is simple really – because he seems to me to be a man of Truth. Why?

My answer to this one is complex, with some ‘politically in-correct’ dialectical contradictions that may carry the risk of misunderstandings. One needs to decouple most certainly individual sexual proclivities from the practices of public life. America is the country of every conceivable sexual practice, from the most holy (whatever that may mean) to the most perverted (whatever that may imply). Britain led the European Union into the legal decriminalization and acceptance of many sexual deviations from the norm as normal, especially the Gay liberation of all civil servants.

But where does one draw the line?

I myself draw the line at the sexual abuse of children that must NEVER EVER BE ALLOWED, not even in a million years (if the man-made Climate Change won’t end life sooner). Yet, I do not advocate the imprisonment of such unfortunates, but their life-long therapy if need be, subsidized by the State.

The protection and welfare of all children must be paramount in the whole world signed up by every government (hopefully, eventually, if America shall lead the way).

While totally un-interested in who does what in their leisure, I do argue that philosophically speaking, politically correct, relativist consonance of sexual deviations are not without any consequence upon individual character, behavior or social action. Said simpler, one’s sexuality does determine one’s personal identity, which is contingent on one’s sexual identity manifested in sensuous proclivities. What the whole world does, or, what all in the world do, are of course their own democratic prerogative and a matter of inalienable individual freedom, as long as it does not abuse the rights and freedoms of fellow human beings inhabiting the same environment.

However, the case of public figures cannot be ignored, and is vital to the health of a nation. Their sexual life is alas everybody’s business. This problem is of course time- and culture-specific, solved differently in different mindsets of cultures and times. People of Krshna Consciousness for example, believe that individuals of both genders, after achieving the number of children they desire, must give up sexual life altogether, especially in middle age, and cultivate spiritual living exclusively. They are oblivious of the function of safe sexual practices for individual health and longevity.

Post-modernist Nonsense

There is an extremely foolish dogma perpetuated by some social scientists, that whatever can be shown to be of old, or universally practiced, it must therefore be all right in modern times. If some classical Greeks (like the Athenians and the Spartans, otherwise deadly enemies) practiced pedophilia – always nothing else but child abuse even in Greek times – then it should be all right to follow suit. I disagree with the homosexual arguments that it had its positive aspect of subsidizing a child to adult life through puberty and education. Like war – child abuse in any form or shape can never be justified, by the natural inalienable rights of the Child.

There is also the parallel relativist argument that if animals do it – whatever that ‘it’ may signify – and since humans are animals, therefore it cannot be wrong. Human beings are indeed animals, but with distinctively evolved consciousness that functions to transcend one’s animal nature, enabling people to construct collectively a new species-nature unique to the human beings, that must be uniquely humane and compassionate I think, and not barbaric, genocidal and/or capitalist. Our Consciousness must enable us to leave the Darwinist jungle where dog- eats-dog and animal-people kill each other for money-money-money.

The natural state of polygamy

The evolutionary Darwinian fact is that all known primate species are polygamous (= single male servicing several females), followed by the facts of Anthropology that almost all known human societies are similarly so (with the rare case of polyandry = a single female servicing several males in a socially acceptable construct, as in the Himalayas – its socially disapproved manifestation is the globally widespread practice of Prostitution, which no expert hitherto seems to have understood as a form of the anthropologically admired polyandry – one woman raped constantly by many men in sequence to fill the pockets of a pimp).

Traditional Islamic societies are obviously polygamous, which is not of course obligatory, and modern Islam in developed countries is turning quietly monogamous. The trouble comes in fact with the hypocrisies of Christian societies (America, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Italy etc) where the majority subverts its difficult-to-practice monogamous ethics by hundred and one lies, secrets and double-lives – practices that are corruptive of self-identity and individual character – but drawing comfort from the evolutionary facts of nature given ‘scientific’ respectability by Social Anthropology.

Monogamy – a revolutionary concept

Inaugurated by St. Paul (and it is worth studying its conceptual progeny), Christianity seems to possess the sole ideology of monogamy in the History of humanity – the evolutionary and revolutionary significance of which still needs to be understood. Mankind as a whole has not matured yet into the knowledge and acquisition of the depths and the heights and the joys of Monogamy – the one-to-one sexual love for life of a heterosexual couple – which marks the beginning of all social truth and individual integrity – the fornicating man or woman can only live and lead a life of lies and social deception.

And here comes the crunch; the reason I am so confident of Senator Obama’s truth is in this precisely – that he has been able and capable to truly achieve with his wife Michelle the Biblical ideal of Monogamy. When he announced to the whole world that Michelle “is the love of his life”, not only that I could believe him, but believed him in awe and admiration, because I could see even on television Michelle’s own unconditional love for her man.

The French philosopher Descartes doubted everything, to conclude that he could not doubt himself having thoughts therefore that he exists (cogito, ergo sum). I, on the other hand, can say with absolute certainty, without going through any Cartesian doubts, that there can be no woman in this world that can tease Senator Obama into fornication ever, and similarly, the man is not yet born that can seduce Michelle away from him.

Thus, I think, Senator Obama and his First Lady shall also bring a new paradigm to the White House and the world – the truth of the Christian Monogamy and its profound decencies in all aspects of life, especially in the mostly sexually corrupted Washington DC (since the much admired Franklin Roosevelt … whose secretary and wife were right write-offs).

This is why I can say with absolute confidence that President Obama shall stand by his pre-electoral promises, and acknowledge the genocide of the Armenians as such. He shall not be infected by the ArmGenDen-itis, making sure that the virus is eliminated world-wide. I trust his monogamous decency and truthfulness. He possesses the dignity and integrity of the monogamous human being away from the polygamous deceptions of the primates.

Michelle and Senator Obama’s paradigmatic Christian Monogamy shall be the greatest revolution yet in the history of mind-set shifts, greater than the economic ones procured by the Marxist power-shifts among pathetic corrupt classes, enslaved by their Freudian animal natures – slaves to their jerky genitals.

I hope that every American Armenian – be they Republican or Democrat – Republicans especially, vote for Obama to be part of the Christian Monogamous Revolution that shall acknowledge first of all our Genocide perpetrated by the sexually corrupted Ottomans.

And let the governments of Britain, Israel and Turkey stew in the stinky juices of their holocaust denials.

(*) I avoided using the expression Armenian genocide, current in American discourse, passed even into the Congressional Recrods, as it betrays linguistic illiteracy. “Armenian” is used as a qualifying adjectival epithet for the noun (genocide) confusing the victim with the perpetrator … it might as well mean the Armenian genocide of the Turks, which is what the Turkish authorities try to claim!

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