Debating the mystical significance of the 44th President

For many, the number 4 may not even mean or signify much. But if you’re an expert or a follower of a certain ancient Far Eastern practice, hearing the news of the 44th President of the United States being elected today may have also brought on a certain feeling – the chills! And that’s even coming 4 days after Halloween…

Hours after President-Elect Barack Obama spoke in front of thousands of supporters in Chicago, Illinois, non-US based bloggers familiar with Feng Shui referred back to their predictions and re-posted entries even just to say they were right. There were also those who posted their fears of the number 4 and what it may signify in the future of the historic leader, who by the way was born on August 4, 1961. According to the ancient Chinese system of aesthetics, the number 4 is considered inauspicious – or downright unlucky – in Feng Shui because it sounds like “death” in Cantonese. Knowing that, it is understandable why the number is considered bad luck in traditional Chinese circles.

Filipino blogger, ari, states that the 44th president of the United States indications point toward this:

“(Obama) needs to be told about Chinese Feng Shui and cautioned that the number 4 in Chinese numerology is considered unlucky and sounds like death in Cantonese. If one were to believe this, then 44 could mean a double death threat!

“There have been three incidents involving potential assassination attempts, the latest of which involves two skinheads reportedly tasked with beheading blacks all across the US. Obama’s security detail is now double the usual number, and US Secret Service sources said they are keeping Obama’s campaign route a tightly-guarded secret until the very last minute, frequently changing his code name in case it is being monitored by potential assassins.

“… the Secret Service will have its hands full because of potential death threats considering the deeply-rooted racist sentiments still harbored by many people no matter how much Americans deny it. There were instances where an Obama cardboard was hung up on a tree; the head of a dead animal was stuck with Obama campaign stickers; and an offensive billboard showed an Obama caricature wearing a turban.”

However, Prosy dela Cruz, another Filipino blogger and supporter of Obama disagrees and insists Feng Shui is actually working in the president-elect’s favour since he has more number 8s surrounding him. The number 8 is considered lucky in Feng Shui and is more dominant than the number 4.

“When we seem to perceive that all is against Obama’s campaign, that it seems his beginner’s luck is being evasive and no longer there, his dream to become the 44th US President is simply being tested: does he have enough persistence and courage to push through and reach the finish line?

“Like Beijing’s Olympics opening on 08/08/08, we too will have to believe that Obama, who turned 47 on 08/04/08 – that’s a convergence of lucky 8’s – will have luck lined up for the next US President.”

Ukrainian blogger and Feng Shui expert Zvezdochka says Chinese zodiac signs say a lot about the type of president Obama will make.

“Energy is a top concern in this year’s presidential election, but the personal energy of the candidates could ultimately affect the future of America. In the Chinese zodiac, McCain is a rat and Obama is an ox. 2008 is a rat year, but next year is Year of the Ox and that favors Obama, according to experts.

“Watching Obama in the debates showed his Ox qualities of being unflappable and steady.

“An ox is associated with the earth element and is known for being dependable, calm, methodical, and resolute and their negative qualities make them stubborn, materialistic, rigid and demanding. Speaking purely to the feng shui of time and energy, feng shui supports Obama over McCain.”

France-based Feng Shui expert Jeannie, who has worked with well-known experts Lillian Too of Malaysia and Joseph Yu of Canada, blogged early on November 4 why she thought Obama would win the election despite the double number 4 ‘threat’.

“His power is rooted and stored in the Goat, which is clashed open by Ox in the year branch. In his current 10-year luck period of yin metal Rabbit, Rabbit makes his power even stronger. Metal is his graceful output but is clashing his power with his heavenly month stem. He badly needs water to bridge this clash. We can find it in his hour pillar, also in this year’s Earth Rat and this month’s Water Dog.

“His performance so far, is exceptional because of the triangular combination of Snake, Rooster and Ox. As a matter of fact, November 4 brings him additional powerful output with the combination of monkey, rooster and dog.”


  • Marcella

    The angel number 44:

    “Many angels are with you now. You can ask these angels to help you with anything that brings peace to you and your loved ones. Don’t tell the angels how to fix a situation; just ask them to fix it. The Divine and infinite wisdom of the Creator guides (through the Angels) to a wonderfully ingenious solution”


  • dannu fulton

    44 =death. 11/04/08=5 .
    I was watching his speech last night and could FEEL THE EVIL WAITING to do bad things to this good, intelligent, kind man harm.
    If he is given time to do his work, he WILL BE UP THEIR WITH LINCOLN AND FDR…….
    VISUALIZE HIS SAFETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TT

    do you know, the devil is an angel??? if 44=death. i wonder what his election could mean… his numerology numbers are significant to other numbers…

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