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Media Archive 2008

Nov 03 – Worldfocus blog
Nov 02 – The Sunday Edition, CBC Radio (Canada)
Nov 02 – Huffington Post
Oct 31 – Jordan Times
Oct 30 – The Philippine Star
Oct 30 – La Stampa (Italy)
Oct 28 – Pods & Blogs, BBC 5 (audio)
Oct 28 – Washington Post
Oct 09 – The Takeaway
Sep 22 – It's Not a Lecture
Sep 19 – Business Lexington (Kentucky)
Sep 09 – WeMedia Online
Feb 13 – Pods & Blogs, BBC 5
Feb 08 – Harddisken, Denmarks Radio, P1
Feb 06 – Pods & Blogs, BBC 5
Feb 06 – Personal Democracy Forum
Feb 05 – Newshour, BBC Radio World Service

Some quotes:

Feb 06 – Pods & Blogs, BBC 5

Amira Al Hussaini editor of Global Voices/Reuters New Voices Without Votes project provided a global perspective to Super Tuesday. We hope this will be a regular feature as the race continues.

Feb 06 – Personal Democracy Forum

Global Voices — the amazing site that collects posts from bloggers around the world and advocates for press freedom — has launched Voices without Votes, a site that collects the perspectives on the American presidential race from international bloggers and citizen media folks. On the front page alone we’re treated to a post about the Middle East, Obama, and religion; a Haitian blogger’s view of the race; and international responses to Super Tuesday. This has quickly become a must-read.

Feb 05 – T-Salon

A wonderful, wonderful initiative by Global Voices at this important time as Americans elects a new president this coming fall that will have tremendous implications in many facets of life from environment, international trade and global economy to world peace. I expect lots of interesting perspectives will emerge out of this new initiative that will make a refreshing read on top of views convey by American media.