Eduardo Avila

I am a Bolivian-American who maintains the blog Barrio Flores, while living in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Currently, I am the Regional Editor for Latin America and the Spanish language editor for Global Voices.

I am the founder and director of the Voces Bolivianas project, which teaches the use of citizen media to underrepresented groups throughout Bolivia, with the help of a network of national bloggers

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El Salvador: Around the Blogosphere

  November 8, 2008

The blogger from Soy Salvadoreño [es] (I am Salvadoran) wrote the following post soon after the election of Barack Obama, and linked to several of his fellow bloggers from El Salvador. This is a translation of his post.

Americas: Learning From the Election

  November 7, 2008

The election of Barack Obama won primarily on a platform of change has inspired some Latin American bloggers from Costa Rica, Cuba and Paraguay to reflect on their own countries They wondered about what they might learn from the historic race, what might be possible, and what is in store for their own countries.

McCain Visits Colombia and Meets with Uribe

  July 4, 2008

Republican presidential candidate John McCain began his Latin American tour in Colombia where he met with his counterpart Álvaro Uribe. Discussing issues such as a free-trade agreement, drug policy and the fight against the FARC guerrillas. His visit also happened to coincide with the rescue of 15 FARC hostages.