Gilad Lotan

Born in Israel and raised partially in East Asia, I have been lucky to travel and live in many countries around the world. Trained in both computer science and design, my professional identity centers around bridging the two worlds. I currently live in Los Angeles and enjoy building interactive works around the topic of ‘news’, exploring ways to enhance viewer's feeling of connection to the viewed content. My recent projects can be seen at, and I may be reached at giladlotan -at- gmail -dot- com

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Israel: Is Obama good for Israel?

As America elects its next president, Israeli bloggers ponder which candidate is best for their country. Gilad Lotan reviews several perspectives on the topic.

Israel: Stories and Personal Opinions on Obama's Visit

Obama's recent visit to Israel was certainly a hot topic across Israeli media, which acknowledges the Democratic candidate for taking all necessary steps to mark his stance - clearly showing that he will continue to be a close friend and ally to Israel. Gilad Lotan reports on the latest buzz from the Israeli blogosphere.