Mohammad Azraq

I'm a telecommunication engineer from Jordan, I enjoy film making, traveling, reading novels and political books, and I also like attending cultural dialogues with people from across the globe.

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Views from the Middle East on the Eve of Election Day

  November 3, 2008

The interest in U.S. elections pouring out of the Middle East will come as no surprise to regular blog readers; this region, one of the fastest-growing in the blogosphere, is notable for its bloggers interest in foreign affairs. Today, we take a look at a Jordanian discussing the “Five Friends”...

Obama and McCain Through Jordanian Eyes

  October 11, 2008

Writing for 7iber, Jordanian Rana Sweis goes to downtown Amman asking people their views about the Democratic candidate Barack Obama. Check out what Jordanians have to say about the US election, the presidential debate and the undecided voters in this article by Mohammad Azraq.