Paula Góes · October, 2008

Brazilian journalist and translator living in London. I blog [pt] about translation and Brazilian literature and poetry available in English. I am also proud to be a volunteer translator for the Global Voices Lingua project in Portuguese.

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Obama or McCain – Who is Better (Or Less Bad) for Brazil?

  October 31, 2008

This is the first US presidential elections in which Brazilians clearly see issues close to their hearts at stake. Both candidates have at some point touched on biofuels, international trade, Latin American integration and the place of Brazil in the world. Bloggers from Brazil have their say on who is a better president from their perspective.

Will the elections end up in another Bradley effect?

  October 17, 2008

Bloggers throughout Brazil have promoted a new banner in support of Barack Obama, in which the race question is imbued. The "Não vote em branco" strap line has a simple but yet clever word play: in Portuguese, it means both at the same time: "Don't cast a blank vote" and "Don't vote for a white person."

Obama: Made in Brazil

  October 15, 2008

None of the six "Obamas" running for office in Brazil - despite trying hard to capitalize on the American candidate's popular appeal and the wave of Obamania that has taken the country aback - succeeded in getting elected in the recent October 05 municipal elections.