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January 19, 2009

Cincinnati’s chilly welcome

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slideshowHey, America, I’m back! And I’m pleased to be here.” That’s what I wanted to shout when I arrived at Cincinnati airport on Thursday afternoon. Even the blast of icy air that hit me on disembarking the plane wasn’t going to dim my spirits and stop this next chap...

reconnecting with the historic vibe

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I’ve just had couple of days in Cincinnati not doing politics and hearing only of the splash landing rather than the economic crash landing. But on Saturday things changed. I went to the Freedom Center - the Underground Railroad museum - to learn about this amazing part of the Americian stor...

African celebrations

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I’m off to an African Inaugural ball tonight. Hosted by the African Foundation and a range of Maryland African / Afro-Caribbean academics and journalists. There’s an amazing line up of live African music to look forward to. I am interested in just seeing the people there and hearing w...

December 4, 2008

Back for seconds

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Oh, look.  It’s election night again.  Brilliant.  Cold turkey maybe the norm in the days after Thanksgiving, but there’s no way I can go cold turkey over elections.  My resolve for sleep and normal UK hours may be about to weaken.  Run-offs may not be the best way o...

November 28, 2008

More to be thankful for

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I enjoy bringing in little slices of Americana into my blog.  And on Thanksgiving eve it seems apt to bring in a turkey-flavoured one.  As I write this in my study, to one side of me hangs a print of an iconic image: Norman Rockwell’s ‘Freedom from Want’.  A huge tur...

November 26, 2008

Obama oye - the celebrations still continue

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First in Africa.  Kenya seems to be still in the grip of Obama-mania, from reports I’ve heard.  And why not? There is much to celebrate.  I also hope that the extremely popular “Obama - the musical” will transfer from its Nairobi home to London at some point. In Rwanda, th...

Journalists lost on the field of battle(ground)

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Missouri has finally lost its bellwether status as the state which has voted for the election winner the most times in a row.  Pollsters had it as a toss-up (too close to call) throughout the race, and they got that spot on.  Indeed most polling companies had a reasonably good e...

November 19, 2008

Dean on 60 (Senators) and 50 (State Strategy)

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On a day when many Senate Democrats, by failing to sanction Joe Lieberman, gave a big ‘FU’ to the party activists and netroots who spilt blood, sweat, tears and dollars during the 2008 election cycle, it was heartening to see one senior Democratic politician show them a little o...

My DC political pilgrimage

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It was has become something of a post-election tradition of mine, I spend a day walking along the Washington Mall: visiting monuments to past presidents and the current seats of political power; reflecting on the election results and what it means.        This year was no exception...

November 18, 2008

Election Reflections 2004 - a view from my past

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In the course of reflecting upon my post-08 election experiences, I came across an old article of mine.  I had written it back in November 2004, after my short trip (holiday rather than campaigning) to the US over the election period.  The article in full is below.  Some o...