About us

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Voices without Votes is a project of Global Voices commissioned by Reuters.

Americans are the only ones who can elect the United States president, but the 2008 election offers a unique opportunity to harvest global commentary on America's politics and foreign policy and how it affects the rest of the world.

Voices Without Votes highlights conversations in non-American blogs and citizen media, with emphasis on the regions covered by Global Voices: Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East.

Our goals are:

• To monitor global citizen media responses to US foreign and presidential
politics in the run up to the elections.

• To illuminate the effect of US foreign policy abroad and provide a lively
and interactive news experience.

• To enable readers to experience American events through the eyes of
ordinary citizens from outside the United States.

What you'll find on this site

This website consists of original writing that summarizes and translates from world blogs AND a daily aggregated feed of handpicked posts from websites around the world that provide thoughtful foreign perspectives.

What you can do

If you are non-American or are based outside the United States, please write a post in your own blog with your thoughts on the presidential elections or any aspect of US policy as it is seen from your country, and send us the link.

If you are American, please join the conversation by reading Voices Without Votes and posting responses in your own blog with trackbacks to ours. If you don't have a blog, please leave your comments, or contact us.

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