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We keep an eye on as many blogs as possible ourselves, but rely on bloggers and readers to provide us with additional links to posts from around the world.

If you read (or write!) a good non-American blog that discusses the 2008 presidential elections, please send us the link, and we may mention it.

Thanks for making Voices Without Votes such a success!

Your submissions were tremendous and made this project possible, thanks! Since the 2008 elections are over, we are closing the submission form for now.

It doesn't have to end, join us on Global Voices!

If you have links from blogs around the world you would like to share, we would LOVE to have them represented on the main Global Voices site as part of our normal coverage – so head to the contact page and send your links/explanations to the appropriate editor. Better yet, join us as a Global Voices author for your region. We'd love to hear from you!