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November 3, 2008

Japan: Response to Obama “Put down the Wii Remote” Ad

Aggregated from: Global Voices Online » U.S.A.

Comments from Japanese net users respond [ja] to an ad by U.S. presidential nominee Obama in which viewers are told to “put down the remote and go vote“. “Why Wii?” one asks. Another writes: “Anti-Japan policies before even becoming president?” And one person wond...

September 30, 2008

Japan: Google or Galapagos?

Aggregated from: Global Voices Online » U.S.A.

Blogger and economist Nobuo Ikeda [池田信夫] remarks in an article [ja] that whereas U.S. papers are making their sites more Google-friendly, articles on Japanese news sites do not even have permalinks. His comparison of the isolation of the Japanese web to Galapagos sparks a respon...

September 26, 2008

Japan: Views on Wall Street Crisis

The ongoing collapse, bail-out and buy-out of Wall Street investment banks, threatening a U.S. and possibly worldwide recession, has triggered no lack of debates in Japanese blogs on the country's strong financial connection with its overseas ally.

August 15, 2008

Japan: Letter to Google about Street View

Aggregated from: Global Voices Online » U.S.A.

One year after its debut in the United States, Google's Street View has arrived in Japan, where it is already drawing criticism. Despite the company's generally positive image in this country, bulletin board threads [ja] and blogs [ja] are filled with comments questioning the way Google has ...

February 6, 2008

Japanese Bloggers on Super Tuesday

read While Super Tuesday has come and gone in the U.S., conversations carry on in its wake among bloggers in the booming Japanese blogosphere. What do bloggers in the world's second largest economy think of the presidential elections of their major trading partner? In this post: Japanese views on Clinton, Obama, Edwards, McCain and Ron Paul.