Onnik Krikorian

Onnik Krikorian is a journalist and photojournalist of Armenian and English descent who has been resident in the Republic of Armenia since 1998.

He also works extensively in the Republic of Georgia and until moving to Armenia worked on the Kurds in Turkey and the conflict in Nagorno Karabakh.

His articles and photographs have been published by The Los Angeles Times, New Internationalist, The Scotsman, Transitions Online, Middle East Insight, Oneworld.net, EurasiaNet, The Institute for War & Peace Reporting, New York University Press, UNICEF, and Amnesty International, among others.

He maintains blogs from Armenia and the South Caucasus at http://blog.oneworld.am and http://oneworld.blogsome.com and is the Caucasus Editor for Global Voices Online as well as the Volunteer Country Editor for Armenia at Oneworld.net.

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Latest posts by Onnik Krikorian

Georgia, Russia and the U.S. Presidential Election

  August 11, 2008

With the massive deployment of Russian forces in Georgia, the small South Caucasus country's conflict with Moscow over the breakaway region of South Ossetia has obvious political ramifications thousands of miles away in the United States where presidential elections will be held on 4 November. With some alleging that the crisis reflects a struggle between the West and Russia, where the U.S. Presidential candidates stand on the matter is fast becoming a significant campaign issue.

Armenia: Oil, Genocide and Obama

  August 8, 2008

Writing for Voices Without Votes in June, Jillian York introduced readers to Facebook's Armenians for Obama and some of what was being said on the social networking site. Since then, however, other Facebook Groups have sprung up which seem to identify a strong backing from Armenians, both inside and outside the republic, for the Democratic candidate in the November 4 U.S. Presidential Election.