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January 21, 2009

Justice Roberts and President Obama Flub the Oath

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There has been some debate among bloggers about the oath President Obama took earlier today. Liberal bloggers argue that conservative Chief Justice Roberts flubbed the oath, which caused Obama to do the same. Conservatives (and others) ignore Roberts’ mistake and focus solely on Obama, blaming...

January 19, 2009

Afghan Foreign Ministry at Odds with Hillary Clinton

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Even though she hasn’t been sworn in yet, Hillary Clinton is already at odds with the Afghan foreign ministry. The reason: Clinton referred to Afghanistan as a “narco-state” during a recent confirmation hearing. Afghanistan’s foreign minister was insulted by the term, saying ...

Pelosi Open to Prosecution of Top Bush Officials

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In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D. California) said she is open to press forth on some persecutions of top Bush administration officials. “I think you look at each item and see what is a violation of the law and do we even have a right to ignore it,R...

Top Obama Donors Gave $100,000

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The Washington Post reported Sunday that Obama’s top donors gave more than $100,000 to his campaign by giving to various entities working to get Obama elected. The report is more evidence that campaign financing laws are not effective in preventing big money from playing a key role in politics...

January 13, 2009

Iran Get Bomb Parts from U.S.

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MSNBC reports that Iran has become quite adept at using fake and existing foreign companies to buy technology it is not allowed to possess. Iran has illegally bought technology it uses for roadside bombs, which it then gives (or sells) to terrorists in Iraq, according to both independent experts and...

Obama Warns: Deficit Will Increase Significantly

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The already out of control deficit of the United States federal government will become even worse in the coming years, President-Elect warned Americans this week. He said they face ““trillion-dollar deficits for years to come” and that Americans should prepare for it. One of the ma...

January 8, 2009

Republicans 2.0: A New Forum, Just for You

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Earlier today I linked to a new blog for moderate (conservative) Republicans: Crimson Politics. The goal of the site, which is more than a blog, is to give fiscal conservatives, moderate Republicans, moderate conservatives, libertarian conservatives, etc. a place to talk politics, unite, and take ac...

Porn Industry: We Also Need a Bailout

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Many conservatives argued that bailing out financial institutions would be unwise because more companies and entire sectors would request a bailout; since the U.S. government bailed out banks, it could be difficult for it to refuse the requests of others. Additionally, many feared, one bailout could...

December 14, 2008

Milton Friedman Explains Free Markets

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Via Rebuildtheparty.com comes this fascinating, almost 30-minute video, of Milton Friedman explaining the virtues of the free market and the vices of government intervention in the economy. The video truly is required watching material for all interested in this specific subject. That does not mean,...

December 4, 2008

The New Clinton and Campaign Hyperbole

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The Associated Press notes in one of its latest reports on Senator Hillary Clinton’s future in Barack Obama’s administration that the Obama campaign did its best to ridicule Clinton and her foreign policy credentials during the primaries but that all top advisers and staffers are now sud...