Barack Obama is a liar and other campaign news from Africa

Our first question comes from South Africa, where Obakeng at ONC Today asked readers “Who is more likely to be a president in the future?”

The answers:
1. Jacob Zuma – 116 votes at 46%
2. Barack Obama – 110 votes at 44%
3. Hilary Clinton – 29 votes at 12%
4. Helen Zille – 25 votes at 10%


It’s quite interesting that our readers believe Zuma is more likely to be a president rather Obama. Which got me thinking, was it more of a “Who do I want to see as a President or Who I would vote for?” Rather than, given the current situations and political campaigning etc… who is more likely to a president.

File this under: You can’t get there from here. It’s been more than one week since Barack Obama delivered his “A More Perfect Union” speech, which in part distanced the candidate from the now controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright, but more so acted as a treatise on race relations in the United States. People around the world have had their say, but Africa south of the Sahara has not really chimed in (that’s my fault, really).

This just in: “Barack Obama is a liar,,,” from Loki writing in Nigerian Times.

Obama speech ,,,, Not sure if you caught not only did Obama refuses to denounce him,, but even more, he says in his own words, Barack Obama was in the Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC) when Jeremiah Wright was spewing Anti-American Racism. Those were his own words. Barack was there.

After going on Keith Oberman Show, Obama said he would denounce that if he heard that language, he would leave and not tolerate it , and denounce it. He went on MSNBC, he went on FOX, CNN, ABC and all the news station saying he was never there, in his church when he said these things. But today, during his speech entitled A More Perfect Union., he states flat out, he was there.

Last week Barack Obama lied, went on all the news stations, and lied, but you're not reporting that.

If this was Hillary Clinton lying and caught lying on all the news stations,, you can be sure, you would talk about it every hour, people will be on your station debating this, people analysing , if it was Hillary Clinton, but it was not her it was Barack Obama.

Another bad review for Obama from Nigerian Times, this time from Orikinla Osinachi:

Senator Barack Obama made a terrible mistake when he joined the Black racist church of Jeremiah Wright 20 years ago. He was lured by the religious political rhetoric of the Black prophet and even imitated him to compose his “Audacity of Hope” speech. But speeches without facts are mere words without truth.

What Americans need most now are not mere speeches, but solutions on how to tackle the looming recession, how to end the war in Iraq and how to stop the lawlessness of illegal immigrants from across the borders, from Africa, from Asia and from Eastern Europe.
Stop nodding like political zombies to the speeches of the political spin doctors of Senator Barack Obama and his cartel of surrogates who are political opportunists. Face the existential realities of daily lives and vote for true American patriots who have the records to prove that they are proud Americans and not mere political Americans.

For Bonga from South Africa writing at African Path Village, the very fact that controversy was created around Rev. Wright, forcing Obama to give the speech means a victory for presumptive Republican nominee John McCain and the Grand Old Party’s favorite attack dog, Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News:

I fear the worst now that the “Fox is out of the bag“. If the Fox attacks works, everything Obama does from now on will be viewed from the narrow angle that he is black. The irony is that it will be impossible for him to now talk of the non-white/black condition without appearing to side with black people, as the Rev episode showed. The liberal whites will have to do that for him. The problem with this arrangement is that the blacks will have no voice in this discussion. Will the white liberals really have the stomach for this long battle on Obama’s/Black peoples behalf?

When the markets tumble and economic hardship kicks in the Tribes will retreat into their comfort zones. Iran could still do something. Iraq could change. Attacks could happen in Middle East/US. Fear and distrust will take hold again and that is a proven vote winner.

Will the United States be able to move beyond its seemingly continual racial divisions? It’s a pertinent question asked by the Daily Buzz of South Africa, who is finding Black vs. White everywhere, even in the suggestion of a Clinton-Obama 2008 Dream Ticket to unify the Democratic Party and battle John McCain in November.

Her suggestion of a “dream” ticket with Obama as her vice presidential running mate reminded some of the days when blacks, regarded as second-class citizens, were ordered to sit at the back of buses.

“No offense, but that is typical of a white person to offer you second place and say they’ll take first place,” trucker Jasper Clark, 53, said at a recent Obama rally in Jackson, Mississippi.

The mere mention of Clinton’s name drew boos from that mostly black audience.

Obama discusses his life as the son of a white woman from Kansas and a black man from Kenya to highlight his message that the United States can move beyond racial divisions, but the issue keeps bubbling up.

That’s not to say last week was all sunshine for the Clinton campaign, either. Two journalists from Politico brought up an inconvenient truth: The way the math works out for the Democratic primaries, Hillary Clinton has virtually no chance of winning the nomination before the Democratic Convention. At least a handful of internet petitions are now circulating asking her to withdraw from the Democratic race. (Of course, internet petitions circulate about most everything, like the one demanding that Hillary Clinton end her campaign against video games.) With the future of the Democratic Party in mind, Benin from African Path asks whether Hillary Clinton has become the Mike Huckabee of the party.

[Y]esterday the dems polls ratings against Mccain were poor. It is my supposition that this is the Hillary or shall we coin it the “huckabee effect”. Whilst Huckabee was in the republication nominee race it was Mccain who suffered even though mathematically it was impossible for Mccain to be edged out by Huckabee. Just his mere presence though cast an omnious cloud of division amongst the republicans. Hillary's insistance to go the distance does the same here-hence democrats are now behind in the Gallup poll than Mccain. Even though he is a far weaker candidate in almost every catefory minus experience than both democrats. Even though he represents Bush's policies.

Meanwhile Bill continues to make himself appear like a flip flopper or as one suffering from a multiple personality disorder. You never know which Bill or Hillary too for that matter you will get. Yesterday Bill attacked Obama's patriotism. Only two weeks before that he said Obama would be the best running mate, yet a week before that Obama needs experience. HRC drop this madness, leave the race, and preserve the party.

Remember when issues were important in this campaign? IIegar a Ti from Uganda does. He takes umbrage at the Clinton’s campaign recent spooky “Phone Call” television ad asking whether Barack Obama was ready to be the Commander in Chief of the U.S. military in a dangerous world.

On the most critical foreign policy judgment of our generation – the War in Iraq – Senator Clinton voted in support of a resolution entitled “The Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of U.S. Military Force Against Iraq.” As she cast that vote, she said: “This is probably the hardest decision I have ever had to make — any vote that may lead to war should be hard — but I cast it with conviction.” In this campaign, Senator Clinton has argued – remarkably – that she wasn’t actually voting for war, she was voting for diplomacy. That claim is no more credible than her other claims of foreign policy experience. The real tragedy is that we are still living with the terrible consequences of her misjudgment. The Bush Administration continues to cite that resolution as its authorization – like a blank check – to fight on with no end in sight.

Barack Obama has a very simple case. On the most important commander in chief test of our generation, he got it right, and Senator Clinton got it wrong. In truth, Senator Obama has much more foreign policy experience than either Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan had when they were elected. Senator Obama has worked to confront 21st century challenges like proliferation and genocide on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He possesses the personal attributes of a great leader – an even temperament, an open-minded approach to even the most challenging problems, a willingness to listen to all views, clarity of vision, the ability to inspire, conviction and courage.

And Barack Obama does not use false charges and exaggerated claims to play politics with national security.

Finally, from South Africa via the United States, Angry African takes politicians to task for padding their resumes and claiming that visiting countries qualifies as foreign policy experience.

Dick Cheney has been to Iraq. Hillary has been all over the place. All escorted trips. Talking to people and seeing people that other people controlled. Not a moment of meeting the people in the streets. No. They met the people those in power wanted them to meet. Those “good little soldiers”. Those on the side of the winners or warlords or occupiers – not those who suffer in their homes without water or electricity or food or jobs. Or walls for that matter. Those have been bombed as well. So what you have are just very big windows as the Republicans would like you to believe. You see what they want you to see. And not what you should see. You don’t see the families caring for the wounded ones or crying for the lost ones.

McCain went to Iraq last week. Made a few “misspokes” by confusing a few issues. Wouldn’t you with Lieberman standing next to you? You just don’t know which way Lieberman might go – Independent today, Republican tomorrow, Democrat yesterday. Anyway – I digress. Again. So McCain went to the marketplace. Bought a few goods there I hope. You know. A bucket of water (just a few minor shrapnel holes in it). Some oil (imported from Saudi Arabia because you can’t find Iraqi oil). An AK47 (seen some action). But no food and no freedom fries. But why didn’t he go to the market he went to the last time? Because it wasn’t safe. Not even with those Blackwater guards, marines, armoured vehicles and helicopters. He hasn’t “been there”. He could only say “I haven’t been there”.

Really, if “I have been there” qualifies you as a foreign policy expert then every pilot on the Delta international route is Boutros Boutros-Ghali. And sorry my friend, you ain’t from Egypt or his world. I sometimes even doubt if you are even from this world. Even if you “have been there”. You still haven’t “been there” or “got it”.

So. Stop it please. Stop trying to sound all travelled and wise because you “have been there”. You haven’t. You haven’t even “been there” when it comes to the US. You can’t use a daft and brainless line just to justify and spin your stupid, warped and pathetic policies.


  • John

    Some of the rhetoric here “gets it” and some of it is…
    …typical hypocrisy from “Democrats” and liberals. From Gore (one of the biggest hypocrites and “embellishers”) to Hillary to Obama (closet Islamist???? ) hypocrisy, self loathing and anti-US rhetoric are trademarks. We will never have a need for liberals or “Democrats” in power. Ever.




  • Donald

    I am saddened that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by Obama. He is a perpetual liar. It is troubling that Obama did not have a problem with his hate-mongering pastor when he ran for the Senate.

  • HTS

    I am appauled that such a large portion of the electorate in this country cannot see what a fraud and liar Obama is. He is a Marxist and a racist.

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