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January 19, 2009

African celebrations

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I’m off to an African Inaugural ball tonight. Hosted by the African Foundation and a range of Maryland African / Afro-Caribbean academics and journalists. There’s an amazing line up of live African music to look forward to. I am interested in just seeing the people there and hearing w...

Prelude to History

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Prelude to HistoryTwo conversations today helped me frame my thoughts about the historic inauguration Tuesday of Barack Obama as the 44th President of America. Prior to these conversations, I was probing and searching for a common denominator that would intimately connect me with the pomp, pageantry...

December 19, 2008

Jindal won’t run in 2012

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The GOP's new poster boy is way smarter than those who run the GOP, and he just proved it by stating that he won't run in 2012. He is giving himself time to prove himself, and he knows that the american public is ready to forgive Obama anything and everything for his first 4 years in office ...

December 14, 2008

A way that [email protected] are targeted

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The idea that [email protected] are being targeted for arrest (and deportation) under public-intoxication laws--it's just almost too much to bear. Nothing like playing up the stereotype of the drunken Mexican to better get rid of us all. Amid the swirling controversy over the San Jose Police Department's p...

December 9, 2008

For a Growing Number of Latinos It's Not Spanish Only

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One of the ways that nativists in the U.S. spread fear about immigration and Latinos is buy talking up the point of the loss of English and other so-called cultural markers that allegedly make the country what it is. More and more however, this myth is being countered demonstrating that the anti-imm...

And the Hate Keeps on Coming : Hate Crime Against Latinos in Brooklyn

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It becomes emotionally exhausting having to write about hate crimes against Latinos, having to read and rehash the disgusting details, and being reminded in very tangible ways of how far people will go to hurt someone who could easily be someone I care about. And here we go again. On early Sunday ...

Obama lawsuit dismissed by Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court has declined to hear a challenge to the citizenship status of Barack Obama. Hopefully this is the end of the issue. Mind you, I don’t know why the authorities in Hawaii don’t let people see the original birth certificate, just to make this go away. But the record is ver...

December 5, 2008

Last Blow On Obama Citizenship Question About To Land

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The U.S. Supreme Court is about is consider and then immediately dismiss a lawsuit challenging Obama’s citizenship on the basis of a bunch of half-baked conspiracy theories from the loonier fringes of the far right.  Hopefully, this will put this issue to rest among all but the black-helico...

December 4, 2008

An Open Letter to Obama on Racism in DenmarkThis is a Video post

Two popular Danish writers and provocateurs, Jakob Holdt and Rune Engelbreth Larsen, have created a video letter to president-elect Barack Obama asking him to do something about the growing amount of racism against Muslims in Danish politics and media.

Obama Latino Cabinet Picks : Cecilia Muñoz of NCLR

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With many Latinos in the mainstream blogosphere feeling snubbed by President Elect Obama passing over Bill Richardson as Secretary of State, the focus is shifting to who are the other Latinos in Obama's cabinet, feeling that a Latino in the cabinet will mean that our interests are looked out for. Ap...