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January 20, 2009

From Afghanistan: Open Letter to the President of the United States of America

Aggregated from: Mideast Youth - Thinking Ahead » USA

Contributed to Afghan Press by Afghanistan’s Students’ Movement: Dear Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, We, members of the “Afghanistan’s Students Movement” congratulate you for your success in the Presidential elections of the United States of America, which we consider a sign...

The best of VwV and the presidential campaign

Less than one year ago, Voices without Votes was created to offer a voice of those who couldn't vote in the U.S. presidential election to those who could. Our exciting journey has reached its final destination with Barack Obama's inauguration today. However, before we say "goodbye," our authors have chosen ...

January 19, 2009

Afghan Foreign Ministry at Odds with Hillary Clinton

Aggregated from: PoliGazette

Even though she hasn’t been sworn in yet, Hillary Clinton is already at odds with the Afghan foreign ministry. The reason: Clinton referred to Afghanistan as a “narco-state” during a recent confirmation hearing. Afghanistan’s foreign minister was insulted by the term, saying ...

January 14, 2009

Obama to start closing Guantanamo in his first week

Aggregated from: England for Obama

It will take some time to close, but this is a great start: “Advisers to President-elect Barack Obama say one of his first duties in office will be to order the closing of the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay. That executive order is expected during Obama’s first week on the job - ...

January 13, 2009

On Closing Gitmo: What Glenn Greenwald Won’t Talk About

Aggregated from: PoliGazette

Responding to reports that Obama is dealing with the practical problems of translating campaign promises into real-world policy-making, far-left purist Glenn Greenwald has another in his long series of screedsabout torture and Guantanemo Bay up today.  But within the usual nest of multiple upd...

Georgia: U.S. Strategic Partnership Charter

Aggregated from: Global Voices Online » U.S.A.

Dateline Tbilisi reports that the outgoing Bush administration in Washington has signed a strategic partnership charter with Georgia which supports its territorial integrity and aspirations towards NATO membership. Although non-binding, the blog notes that the charter reportedly marks a shift toward...

Congressman Eliot Engel: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bombing Of Children

Aggregated from: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying

Shihab Rattansi of Al Jazeera tries to make some sense of the nonsense coming out of the mouth of Democratic Congressman from New York, Eliot Engel. This week, the US House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a resolution supporting Israel’s actions in Gaza. Not to be outdone, the US Sen...

Why is N.Y. Times Reporting Now Bush Stopped Israeli Attack on Iran?

Aggregated from: Tikun Olam-תקון עולם: Make the World a Better Place

David Sanger published a major piece on how the U.S. related to Israel in its dealings with Iran’s nuclear program.  Though the reporter heralds it as a major piece of investigative journalism that spanned 15 months of reporting, much of the information has already been reported elsewhere (...

Palestine: Cynthia McKinney Lived to Tell the Story

Aggregated from: Global Voices Online » U.S.A.

The Free Gaza Movement posts this article by American Green Party nominee for the US Presidential elections Cynthia McKinney, who is in Lebanon, after the boat she was in along with supporters and aid to Gaza was rammed by Israeli ships. ...

Obama “deeply concerned” about Gaza

Aggregated from: England for Obama

Barack Obama has broken his silence about the situation in Gaza - it seems as a result of the latest Israeli attack, which killed 40 at a United Nations school. From MSNBC.com: “President-elect Barack Obama said he was “deeply concerned” about civilian casualties in Gaza and Israel...