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January 19, 2009

Afghan Foreign Ministry at Odds with Hillary Clinton

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Even though she hasn’t been sworn in yet, Hillary Clinton is already at odds with the Afghan foreign ministry. The reason: Clinton referred to Afghanistan as a “narco-state” during a recent confirmation hearing. Afghanistan’s foreign minister was insulted by the term, saying ...

Pelosi Open to Prosecution of Top Bush Officials

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In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D. California) said she is open to press forth on some persecutions of top Bush administration officials. “I think you look at each item and see what is a violation of the law and do we even have a right to ignore it,R...

Inagural Prayer Speaker Allegedly Linked to Hamas. But There’s a Twist

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Oh boy.  Just what Obama needs two days from the inaguration.  A Muslim who is speaking at the prayer service on Wednesday is the leader of a group that some federal prosecutors say has ties to Hamas: Neither Mattson nor her organization have been charged. But prosecutors wrote in July that th...

January 14, 2009

Obama to start closing Guantanamo in his first week

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It will take some time to close, but this is a great start: “Advisers to President-elect Barack Obama say one of his first duties in office will be to order the closing of the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay. That executive order is expected during Obama’s first week on the job - ...

January 13, 2009

To move on, or not to move on?

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That’s the question facing Obama when it comes to pursuing the Bush administration for crimes such as torture and wire-tapping. And from the sounds of his interview on ABC yesterday, he’s still unsure (watch the video here). As the Huffington Post piece notes, however: “As pointed ...

On Closing Gitmo: What Glenn Greenwald Won’t Talk About

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Responding to reports that Obama is dealing with the practical problems of translating campaign promises into real-world policy-making, far-left purist Glenn Greenwald has another in his long series of screedsabout torture and Guantanemo Bay up today.  But within the usual nest of multiple upd...

Obama defends his intelligent choice

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Sorry: intelligence choice. No, make that: intelligent intelligence choice. Rachel Maddow (brilliantly) covers the controversy surrounding Obama’s pick of Leon Panetta to head the CIA: .msnbcLinks {font-size:11px; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #999; margin-top: 5px; backgr...

Flying While Muslim

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I’ve been thinking about Raed Jarrar’s successful court case. Jarrar is a Palestinian-Iraqi who left Baghdad a few years ago and moved to the United States. He is known in the blogosphere for his provocative postings, which have been highly critical of the U.S. presence in Iraq.Now, Ja...

December 31, 2008

Gaza Attack: Where is Barack Obama?

As Israel's military excursion into Gaza continues, more than a few bloggers wonder if US-president-elect Barack Obama can help put an end to fighting. However, no one has seen or heard much from the future president, leading many to wonder: Where in the world is Barack Obama?

December 15, 2008

Breaking News: Bush Ducks Shoes

It was an incident that lasted a mere 12 seconds. But as soon as bloggers the world over watched Muntadar Al Zeidi throw not one, but both his shoes, at US President George W Bush in a Press conference held in Iraq today, reactions - several in 140 characters or less in the Twittersphere - spread faster than you could say ‘footwear’ … twice.