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January 8, 2009

You’ve Just Been Appointed U.S. Middle East Envoy…Now What?

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With the bloody fighting in Gaza, emotions are running high in the region, and around the world. The ghastly images we see on the news evoke a wide range of emotions: sympathy, empathy, regret, guilt, remorse, and yes, anger. All this is understandable. And yet we sense that strong passions and unbr...

December 14, 2008

Obama’s Energy Secretary is a Nobel Prize-winning physicist who believes in global warming

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Much as I hate using the expression “believing in global warming” - like it’s akin to believing in fairies, or something. Perhaps “who believes that global warming is man-made” is a better way of putting it. Anyway: the man hotly tipped to be named the new American ener...

December 9, 2008

Obama Duped Into Green Nonsense

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President Elect Obama has now committed to massive injections of capital and policy shifts aimed at alternative energy, CO2 reduction and climate change management. He has been convinced that, despite clear evidence to the contrary, that the "science is settled" (no science is ever really settled) a...

December 3, 2008

France: From “Yes we Can!” to “Yes you Must!”This is a Photos postThis is a Video post

read Amazed Parisians are still reeling after discovering billboards featuring President Sarkozy, pictured as U.S. President-elect Barack Obama, after Shepard Fairey's famous poster, with the wonders working comment Yes We Can! Suzanne Lehn gives us a chronological break down of what happened and how the Yes We Can slogan became Yes We Must!

November 28, 2008

Barack Obama’s Priorities

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U.S. President-elect Barack Obama recently participated in an anti-global warming rally in California during which he said that few of the nation’s problems were more urgent than global warming.  To his credit, Obama tossed in a throwaway bit about dependence on foreign oil, too.  Bu...

November 26, 2008

Conservatives and Ideas

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James Joyner throws down the gauntlet to conservative intellectuals, arguing that conservatives lack ideas with regards to at least two critical issues: global warming and income inequality. I would argue that while Joyner’s challenge to conservatives is provocative, it is fundamentally based...

November 22, 2008

Obama: Fortune tellers - past and presentThis is a Video post

Foretelling political fortunes is risky at the best of times - almost as hard as economic predictions. Remember the warnings of oil at $200 a barrel before the end of the year? Kevin Rennie, from Australia, takes a closer look at predictions for the Obama administration.

November 20, 2008

Bush’s legacy

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Just when things were looking up for the world as it sees the last of Bush, the US President has decided to leave an ever-stronger and more lasting legacy by working to dismantle at least 10 major environmental safeguards, some of which include: Exempting Industrial-size animal farms from the Clean ...

obama getting tough on climate change

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President-elect Barack Obama spoke via video conference (earning green kudos for low carbon communication) to attendees at the Bi-partisan Governors Global Climate Summit in Los Angeles two days ago and his address was a clear message that with him at the helm the US will be seriously committe...

November 16, 2008

US Supreme court says whales don't matter

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The only bright side to Wednesday's hight court ruling against the whales is that it was 5-4. Obama will no doubt have an opportunity to appoint a few more judges with common sense to the court.The ruling says the US Navy does not have to restrict its use of sonar off the coast of California, even ...