Gaza Attack: Where is Barack Obama?

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December 31, 2008 @ 8:40 GMT+0000

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As the Israeli defense forces continue to bomb the Gaza Strip and Hamas continues to launch missiles into Israel, a small legion of bloggers have begun asking: What in the world happened to president-elect Barack Obama?

With the president-elect just a few weeks from taking the throne in Washington DC, Barack Obama has been largely absent from the diplomatic maneuverings attempting to put a halt to Israel’s military excursion into the Gaza Strip. His absence, some argue, only makes the situation worse.

At least Jewish American blogger Richard Silverstein, who writes at Tikun Olam, thinks so:

Where is Barack Obama? I know he’s in Hawaii soaking up those rays of glorious sunshine. But that’s not what I mean? Where IS he? Gaza is in flames. Bush is doing worse than nothing. He’s actually making the situation worse with his nonsense about calling Hamas thugs and claiming the Palestinian movement caused the Israeli violence and can end it.

Obama’s response is becoming less and less satisfactory as the killing mounts.

…I can understand that the Gaza massacre is not nearly as important to the American people as the Wall Street collapse. But when the economy imploded you didn’t hear Obama’s people deferring to Bush. He consulted with Bush. They worked out a common strategy. They each tried to look energetic, diligent and thoughtful.

In a post called “Stupid Logic Mr. Obama” Ampal — American Palestinian had this to say on the future president’s policy towards Palestine:

Obama said : “If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I'm going to do everything in my power to stop that. I would expect Israelis to do the same thing.”

RESPONSE: If someone was starving my family, bombing my sewage and electric power plants, traumatizing my children by daily sonic booms, preventing my sick children from seeing a physician, keeping my college aged students from receiving the scholarships they deserve, causing half of the child population to have anemia, then I would launch every thing including the toilet and sink at them. Come on, Mr. Obama lets show a little more understanding than the current administration.

The “anti-zionist blog” Jews Sans Frontieres thinks maybe Obama wants to project a different image of US power.

…Obama's refusal to comment on this latest batch of war crimes may be significant if only to suggest that Obama wants to project a more reasonable image than offering open vocal support to a regime for whom violence appears to be and end itself.

Now Israel has targeted a Palestinian university you might expect Engage to at least say something but no, not a word.

After linking to a comment from Obama spokesman David Axelrod who argued that Israel is merely responding to the shelling of its cities, VivirLatino came away less than impressed:

I am ashamed and disgusted, especially if this is the change that the United States electorate was and is supposed to believe in. I am haunted by the words and images of people, men, women, and children and how my tax dollars are being used to oppress and make invisible people who aren't even deemed worthy of by some to be people, to have land, a home.

Some commenters have acknowledged that Obama needs to be careful not to step on the shoes of outgoing President George Bush.

Alex Stein, who has resided in Israel and writes the blog False Dichotomies, defended the president-elect's actions:

The criticism of Obama’s silence over the hostilities is unfair. He is right to state that there is only one president at a time, and he is right to take a holiday before embarking on what is arguably the toughest job in the world. Getting over-involved would have little point; he can have little impact until he is President, and there is no sense in compromising his stature with either party by taking sides.

Many sites are obviously looking at this situation through the lens of how the Obama administration will change U.S. policy in the Middle East.

Fayyad writing in the (mostly) Arab-American blog KABOBfest argues this is a test for the look and feel of the Obama administration towards the Middle East.

Gauging [Obama’s] response to the action from outside the Whitehouse will set the tone for what Israel gets out of him. With his chief of staff being a former IDF volunteer, it’s hard to see how he will see things any different than the IDF perspective. And the American stance of asking the rape victim to quit scratching the rapist will continue to the Washington Modus Operandi.

Window into Palestine contends that Obama is basically nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing when it comes to the rights of Palestinians.

Obama no longer has to placate pro-Israel voters, including no shortage of Christian Zionists, so his lack of comment on the premeditated slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza should send us a message — an Obama administration will continue the long-standing U.S. policy of allowing Israel to wantonly kill Palestinians and pay the Israeli government handsomely to do so.

…Democrats who thought an Obama administration would bring some balance to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are probably saddened by Obama’s apparent lack of concern for the mass murder now taking place. But then what did they expect? Obama is nothing if not window dressing for the New World Order and obviously the NWO wants the carnage to continue in Palestine. Of course, the global elite have no special love for Israel, either, and its people will be sacrificed when the time is right.

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    1. Rocket88 Says:

      OBAMA IS NOT THE PRESIDENT! I don’t know why people have such a hard time understanding this. Until January 20, 2009, Barack Obama is not the president of the United States and it would be irresponsible in the extreme to take a public position on an unfolding crisis. It would also be irresponsible for the Bush White House to commit the US to a long-term course of action without at least consulting with Obama.

      Until January 20, 2009, Obama is doing what he should be doing: keeping his mouth shut.

    2. Jennifer Brea Says:

      There are political realities which make a full reversal of US Middle East policy impossible, even under an Obama administration. But he has to do something different, he has to be at least modestly critical of Israel. His goals and vision are too idealistic to survive a continuation of the previous administrations’ hypocrisies.

    3. numbersdude Says:

      Hellooooo. Obama isnt President yet? The question should have been Where is the Current President and why is he vactioning at Camp David?

    4. Rustom Says:

      All the politics is discouraging. Obama is still not the president. But did he wait for to be President to present his ideas on the Auto industry? We need the same reaction from Obama! We are fed up with disappointments and bias in the Middle East which is nurturing only more hate and killings. Both sides want the end to this but if the states and the world doesn’t deal with this in the manner required, the US can kiss away a very precious moment to reflect to the world that it is on the side of Justice once again. I laugh when I hear Rice talking about not wanting a truce until the facts are changed so that the truce doesn’t bring us back to the start. Rice, wasn’t this what you said about the war on Lebanon in 06? Only after 1000 Lebanese civilians and massive infrastructural damage was done and over a 100 Israelis were killed did they rethink their failed strategy and asked for a truce. The case is the same now, do we need the blood count to reach a 1000 before we act and still get us back to the start? the problem is not Hamas, the problem is a real initiative for peace with the world holding both sides accountable for their actions! and for gods sake, we need the UN to do its worth even if it goes against the US policies.

    5. Mark Says:

      I just find it monsterous and evil the way Isreal has been bombing innocent men, women and for the question where is Obama. (Obama is nit the President of the United States.

    6. Hamza Says:

      Elected officials brown-nosing the pro-Israeli lobbyist agenda, what else is new? The fact is that no politician can become the President, or the Senator (Hillary Clinton) without getting the support and the funds of the wealthy and influential Israeli interest-groups. As much as I and the rest of the world hope from Obama, it’s sadly a little unrealistic to expect him to come out with a pro-Palestinian statement/agenda and unless this pro-Israel American bias is removed, a permanent solution to this conflict is unlikely.

    7. Michael Castro Says:

      I said it once in my blog I’ll repeat it here: Anyone who voted for Obama hoping for a change is going to get a hard surprise. He is not still president but he has a mouth, why is he not using it as seldom as he used it when he was candidate and was speaking about everything, he was not president then. What is the difference? He is president elect now. People need to hear his voice and his message of “hope”. His silence on this issue is louder than anything he said during his campaign.

    8. Dena Says:

      Obama said : “If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I’m going to do everything in my power to stop that. I would expect Israelis to do the same thing.”

      If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I’m going to do everything in my power to stop that?

      How would you answer that question? Think about it!

      President-elect Obama said this in July of 2008. He is not President; Bush is. I would not want Bush to intervene anymore in the situation in Palestine if I were Obama. There is a potential for that since he is a rouge President, and don’t forget Cheney. Plus the man has 16 days before he can do anything! He has NO power!

      This is all speculation. He is briefed every day, but look who is briefing him. The people Bush put in charge. He’s too intelligent to miss this point.

      Michael Castro says: “Anyone who voted for Obama hoping for a change is going to get a hard surprise.”

      How do you know this? Have you read his mind? Speaking about American car companies is one thing; talking about a war in 2 other countries is another. And please tell me why everybody is looking in this direction anyhow? Where are the Arab leaders? Nobody seems to be speaking about that!

    9. hans Says:

      [ If the USA is in debt why are we sending billions to Israel to commit acts….spread this URL for the TRUTH ….

    10. Yayang Says:

      Would Obama wait to be the President of the United States to stop his neighbor sends his house rockets? No, he wouldn’t either!!
      We do not expect him to do “real” thing to stop Israeli’s attack on Gaza, we just need to hear his comment on the killing that has been happening in Gaza. A sentence that makes people in the world see the “hope” he promised to do. Open up your eyes Obama!! Many children are dying and in the next 15 days the world will watch you..

    11. Manus Says:

      Stop censoring; otherwise change the name of the website to “Israeli Voices”

    12. Grafted Devil Says:

      Dena………if youre married I bet your husband [or wife, whatever it may be] drinks alot while around you??…….or consumes drugs on a day to day basis so he/she can actually deal with the ‘questions with no answers’ from you??………~because I DO….everyday…..just to deal with my wife of 20 years and 2 weeks~…….because thats the same dumb-ass response I would get from her…….(yes, I have an ‘unlicensed doctor’ treating me)…..

      That was about the most idiotic and moronic response anyone couldve made………and just as you doltish obamabots can not ever get to the level of right wingers……..we can never stoop that low to yours… people can not carry a logical conversation as we can not carry an illogical conversation…..that would waste our valuable, as well as precious time…..

      Its apparent your a democrat…….its apparent that you would give anything to approach obama on all-fours…….

      Thats your perogative…..and more than likely your fantasy…….I couldnt care less…but when you involve me and other Americans, whether they be african-Americans or American-Americans into your cesspool of oil-based racial orgies….then WE get offended….

      LOL….imagine THAT!!…..I get to be of the offended class now…..what freaking progress………..

      When Michael Castro says: “Anyone who voted for Obama hoping for a change is going to get a hard surprise.”……..and you respond with……..”How do you know this? Have you read his mind?”………………………… shows your willingness to WANT to learn…..

      but actually, your response should have been is “Gee, I wonder if hes circumcized”……..that ‘all-fours’ thing again…….

      BECAUSE……..what Castro was saying, without too many words and to the ALREADY informed and unindoctrinated is : going by his senatorial escapades in Shit-cago with the deals and associates, friends as well as business, and how he left Shit-cago in ruins in many aspects with his ‘governmental-skills’……..its just about a positive choice he will reak havoc and chaos in America…….(and we’re just going by his past associates and policies)…….

      This ‘cancer’ is about to spread…….and you as well as your counterparts have ignited it malignantly….into a Trojan Horse….

      I mean hell, if I can go up in front of a judge for a D.U.I. and once my record is pulled out from the pockets of the D.A. and I get sentenced for my previous infractions prior to the D.U.I. concurrently with the current charge…….because it shows a pattern of my behavior…WHY in the Hell cant we do it to Dildobama??………

      Let me direct you to a site that will “hope”-fully enlighten you……..I warn you though…..feelings and emotions do not abide there…..

      This is stone-cold facts about your messiah….better get a box or two of tissue…….course, thats if you actually read it instead of gesturing to your pc in a manner of ‘talking to the hand’ thing…..

      Since youre a democrat the chances of you reading anything informative is slim…….unless it ‘trains’ you on how to be a perfect little citizen for all to like and except as ‘one of the good ones’….but I SWEAR to you that IF you were to read these things that the media and people like you failed to realize or even ask questions about……..or even take notice about, because after all “WE HAVE HISTORY TO MAKE”…..or “HOPE AND CHANGE”…..”FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT” stands in the way of logic and common sense…….but I swear to you if you read it it will show you the real obama……..not this God-like illusion that is being slobbered over…..

      The reason why I said that you wouldnt read anything informative is because you asked “Where are the Arab leaders? Nobody seems to be speaking about that!”………..well, they are…and have been….

      The problem isnt that you havent heard them……….the problem is that your hiphop station doesnt tell you news….they only play that God-awful tribal-trash they refer to as music………..and girley, you have to WANT to know these things… have to go get your information….

      So STOP relying on the ‘victims’ of society, the disgruntled Americans, the ‘unfortunate’ ones and your co worker for the news……………..thats not news, thats opinion…..”emotion versus logic”……..and youre only going to get a one-sided view….

      Theres many places to get the information about your earthly-god, obama….radio, television, newspapers, internet…..everywhere, girl…….

      For you NOT to know these things or anything about obama other than hes black and the change he keeps torting is the seat at the White House becoming a ‘throne’…for you NOT to know the REAL obama…….is noones fault but your, Dena……

      You failed, you were inept…….not the D.J.s playing something that would make a freight train take a dirt road, not your co-worker in the office-stall next to you geeked up on a meth induced latte viewing porn rather than doing actual work, not your friend thats sitting in your living room talking about how everything from their oil leak in their ford escort to their hang nail is George Bushs fault…..somehow equating that with his ‘failed policies’, (which were actually Bill Clintons policies that busted, but like I said, democrats dont usually read anything informative…..they just think of the ‘here and now’…..not what caused the situation their in…just that it happened and their mad)………

      With respect……..people like you ARE the problem

      And to be honest with you……..I truly do not care as to what happens to the White obama voters…..(before you start calling me a racist, bigot and other words to bash me over the head with…..let me tell you one fact…blacks voted for obama in droves for one reason…..hes black……..THATS what went through their head….that was the first afront…..not only did they vote for him because hes black…they voted against the White of America… dont know this………………but thats exactly what happened)…..

      January 20th, 2009 is the day your life changes forever……..without your consent or control…….

      …..and I wish you all the Hell you deserve…….

      Happy New Year!!……….

    13. de Says:

      Grafted Devil is a empty person

    14. Manus Says:

      …….And the Obama administration can make comments about nearly everything, including his future ‘mutt’, apart from the carnage happening in Gaza. If, the Illuminati clique in Washington seems to think that the Gazeans deserve to die, the future does not baud well too. Obama’s unconditional support for Israel’s policy of “self defense,” preemptive attacks, and repressive occupations is not one iota different from that of George W. Bush, an internationally recognized war criminal.

    15. Sal Says:

      Although I volunteered and voted for Obama, I always had a fear that he could turn out to be yet another gutless President. Unfortunately, my fear was correct! Sadly, what Obama is clearly saying with his silence on Israel’s illegal and inhumane invasion is that for the powerful the end justifies the means, even if the means
      result in massacre of innocent women, elderly, and infants! Shame on Obama!

    16. michael Says:

      what do you expect from Obama 60 years of war, a condemation?because of civillians get killed? nobody likes the civilians get caught up in the killings but when you use your civillians as your cover for your operations who we want to blame?
      after all if I have no rigth to exist what should I do can it be worse? do I really care a condemnation.
      Yes Obama should ask for restrain from both parties for now.
      He can openly talk when he is in office.

    17. Rafal Says:

      The blatant Gaza bias by the media is no surprise considering their nauseating obsession with Obama. There was a mutual truce until Hamas broke it with repeated rocket fire. All the so-called “peace loving muslims” in the world should be protesting the terrorist Hamas leaders and kick them out. The majority of the palestineans in Gaza don’t want peace with Israel or they wouldnt have voted for this terrorist regime.
      This is the same terrorists who use schools and mosques to hide weapons and train terrorists and then the media cries when Israel retaliaties. If they cared about the safety and well-being of their families and children then they wouldn’t live next door or three doors down from Hamas leaders. Would you move into an italian mafia run neighborhood, or a neighborhood known for gang violence.

      Where is all the so-called “brotherhood of Arabs?” LOL. All the peace loving palestinians should take their families and children and move to Lebanon or Jordan or maybe a non-muslim country and give the land back to the Israelis. As long as Hamas is around there will be no peace. They won’t be happy with land. They only want terrorism and war against Israel and all her allies. Why do you think they attacked the US?

    18. Amy Says:

      How manay times did Obama say that America has “one president at a time” – So wait until on the 20th January.

      President-elect has no authority to put his mouth in for this kind of “International crisis” at a time when the flames are all over their shades- How difficult is it for people to understand that “charity begins from home”, that’s why Obama talks about stimulus package and not the Gaza issue.

    19. Jimbo Says:

      He’s not even president yet! George %&*. Bush is! And at this time in his presidency Clinton was still trying to negotiate a solution to the intractable problem. What the hell is Bush doing, packing up his book collection?

    20. Paradise Says:

      Bush, Obama, whoever, they r just puppets moving by the US Government , Palestine from the North to the South is owned to the
      Palestinians and they will take it back sooner or later coz its their right and all the jews will be Kicked out from Palestine one day, and this day is very soon, and all the Arabs are coming back…so wait for them…u have to Panic from now…Read the Holy Quran…God Punished all the jewish people to live everywhere in the world BUT NOT IN PALESTINE…HELL IS WAITING FOR ALL THOSE WHO KILLED AND IS STILL KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE SINCE THE AGE OF ”BEN GURION”, so u can calculate how many Years,or u can say decades , ” TREES WILL SAY ONE DAY, HEY THERE IS A JEW STANDING BEHIND ME , KILL HIM”…………………………………..

    21. Al Jazeera vs CNN. What people in the USA don't see. - Page 3 - Ajarn Forum - Living and Teaching In Thailand Says:

      […] Online

    22. free palestine now! Says:

      obama got another thing com’n palestine is the hood. obama has no right his bitchy ass.

    23. Gypsy Says:

      I agree all the way with Rafal 100% and as for the biased Liberal media that loves to take a look at one side of the whole story and perpetuate lies to the whole world and constantly make out to the world that Israel is the monster in all of this I think is absolutely despicable given the fact that nobody said a peep when Hamas broke the ceasefire and started bombarding Israel with rockets, how do you think Israel was supposed to react, now that she has and doing a good job of it all of a sudden the whole liberal world is screaming and shouting and making ridiculous accusations at Israel for simply making the decision to once and for all put an end to the menace of the Hamas who by the way are the one’s to be blamed for starting this…..come on people wake up to the real facts here as for the Palestinians living in Gaza well why on earth dont they get up and sort out the Hamas butchers who are the root cause of their misery what is wrong with these people are they wimps or what or ist it because yes they in fact support this reign of terror that they are under…..I am sick and tired of the way the world keeps attacking Israel….it is time including fellow christians who are also often at fault at being against Israel to start opening The Word Of God here (Bible) and read the Old Testament with much more uderstanding and fervor. No President or Political authority on this earth is ever going to solve the Middle East Problem regarding Israel …. doesnt’ anybody understand the History of the Jewish Nation as a whole…. this is Biblical fact people and it is time you wake up to it….this is ancient history between the Jews and the Arabs and it all started with two brother’s namely Ishmael and Isaac. Ishmael being the ancestor of the Arab Nations as we know them today and Isaac being the ancestor or the Jewish people as we know them today there is to be heartache between these two factions of the same family due to the bitterness of Ishmael towards Isaac his brother and this has been passed from generation to generation. God has also warned that any nation that turns it back on Israel will fall from His Grace and Blessing this is fact… everybody is going on about Obama and why isn’t he doing something about this conflict well excuse has anybody in the whole world ever been able to do anything about it…..we are mere mortals and cannot fully grasp the ways of God and shouldnt even try because He is God….the good news is that an end to this conflict will come and it is a great ending…it is prophesied read about it it is in the Bible but you would need God’s help0 to much more fully comprehend what is being said.

      In the meantime because of the evil of Satan and the way he manipulates and pollutes peoples minds with total evil thoughts towards one another there can be no solution at least not from the point of human intervention because we all have sinned and fall very much short of the glory of God however Jesus Christ came and died as the Son of God a most horrific death to save us from ourselves and the sinful ways that we all live in, so how can we expect politics and mere human leader’s in politics to solve the Israel/Palestinian crisis only God can do it by bringing healing between the two brother’s of ancient history and He will because He says He will we need to trust Him and for you Hypocrits and liberals who dont believe in God or that He exists I suggest that you start trying to be a lot more open minded about this than you so-called liberals always love to tell us you are, I think just like the Pharisees who accused and condemned Jesus you are the blind fools of this world who cannot look beyond your own truth and just for once try and see something that is so much more profound and so much bigger than what you and your thoughts can ever be, try it you may actually become a lot more open minded about life and live a lot more in awe of it than actually be so narrow minded it is pathetic to watch or listen to you guys who think you are so open minded about everything you have no idea just how blind you are Jesus called the Pharisees blind fools this is pretty much what you guys are….you who are so liberal in your views actually dont realise just how closed you are. God is Big He is Bigger than the whole Universe and He created it all! He knows better than you or I what the future holds for Israel and Palestine but one thing is for sure the Jews are His chosen People so I would be very careful just how you handle or even speak of Israel, this does not mean that He does not love the Palestinians and cares about them because He does but His ways are not Our ways and it is about time that Humans allover the world should start becoming more aware of God and start really trusting Him with this issue not governments or Presidents but God the only thing we can do as concerned humanbeings is get down on our knees and pray for this we can do…pray for both the Palestinians and the Jews whom Israel represents. Just one more thing One also needs to understand the History of the Jewish nation which is ancient as well and the fact the very Biblical fact that they after having been dispersed for so long from their land of origin would very definitely return to Israel their land thatwas promised to them by God now tell me you hypocrits and you non-believing people’s of this world are you going to challenge God on this issue because if so well goodluck to you mate cos I know for sure who is going to win this battle. The Jews and then the Christians (true believing Christians) have been the longest and most persecuted people on this earth and persecution my friends comes in many different disguises it is not always in the form of physical torture as some may think, Jesus was horribly persecuted and then put to death….He told us as His Follower’s we must expect to be persecuted as well just as He was because evil in the form of the lies of Satan who manages to keep many Human’s in a foggy state of mind hereby blinding them to the truth of God and who He is and who and what Israel means to Him….Satan has been very effective in this but it wont last forever as one day we will all see the absolute truth for what it really is and then also maybe you will realise just how Satan used people like the Hamas to do his dirty work in fooling the whole world.
      Wake up People of the world and stop been blindsided by evil when it is looking you in the face also why dont you become a lot more open minded about God and seek Him out for who He really and truly is…..what are you afraid off. Come on People He really does care.

    24. FREEGAZANOW Says:

      ok..this whoole thing is going out of control!!! kids getting bombed, homes destroyed, parents DEAD, no food, water, electricity!!! i swear what happened to all the CHANGE obama talked about?! so wat obama is trying to tell us is that oh i cant get involved and save innocents???!!! we want change and we want it NOW starting with GAZA!! im tired of sitting and doing nothing!!! the least you(obama) could do is cooperate!! being on your side obama is the sorriest thing ive ever done and i seriously regret it! i honestly thot as the first african american prez, youd be different than bush!! but no ,your all the same, not caring if people and there homes are going down in flames… i want a reply sent bac to me on wats gonna happen..i was born in gaza and would know how they feel, bombs falling out of the sky isn’t exactly wat i call a comfy place to live…the isreals have bulldozed, shot,murdered homes and people for NO REASON AT ALL!! wat the hell did the palestinians do to deserve all this?? isreal had Gaza occupied, isn’t that enuf?? then they start shooting missiles and bombs out of the sky for wat??? wat did we do to deserve against all of dis!! i kno ALOT(like half the world) agree with me…can u imagine ur kids not sleeping at nite because they’re too scares they might be bombed!! people, espicially kids, do not deserve to live like this!! wrongWRONGWRONGWRONGWRON!!!!!!:******(

    25. Badrul Islam Says:

      The 43rd President George W.Bush still has five days before he hands over Presidency to the new elected 44th President Barack .H.Obama on January 20,2009.

      Why doesn’t President Bush initiate immediately to declare an “EMBARGO” for supply of “ARMS and AMMUNITION” for the middle-east region. President Bush can use the Tele-conference system with the Leaders of EU Countries and keep the future President 0baman posted of the details so that he can find it convenient to follow-up with the decisions finalized for the “EMBARGO”.

      If this “EMBARGO” is not effected then the conflict in Gaza or conflict between Palestine and Israel will never cease. When people are in possession of arms they tend to dominate over others and never solve any conflicts or problems humanely.


      It is my earnest hope that this message can reach the World Leaders and Readers,both. Let us hope that wisdom will prevail amongst thethe World Leaders and these Leaders will listen to the appeal of the United Nations and cries of the suffering victims that includes women, children and old people; sufferings of the pains of war- not only from war in Gaza but in Iraq, Afghanistan,Pakistan, Kashmir, SriLanka and other places, including the African countries. I appeal to the Readers to support this policy of “EMBARGO”.

      In this modern world of enlightenment and develpment,where through the service of the internet people all over the world can find or make friends, I find it very difficult to believe that the World Leaders cannot find friends but continue making foes by adopting wrong policies of the centuries old Stone-Age periods.

      The people of the world,irrespective of the religion they follow, are aware of the fact that the theory, “I am the State”, have died with the ending of the French Revolution and that modern world is moving away from “Master-Slave” pattern to “DEMOCRACY”. Will the World Leaders, please analyse their own conscious and take responsibility to create a friendly World???

    26. elenore Says:

      You people blogging are all idiots. Obama is the future soon to be American President.He is not President yet,and he will be President of America not Europe,not the Middle-east,not Africa,not South America,not North America,not Asia,not the several countries in these continents.He is our President.This is the million dollar question for Americans,what is our role and responsibility to the World. Most Americans are isolationists and don’t give a damn about your problems.Besides our interference for 50 yrs plus hasn’t done anything ,the problems are always the same.Europe weak and noisy even though they actually have more money and wealth than U.S. and Mexico and Canada.Russia and China bulling their neighbors.South Americans countries constant political problems even though they have plenty of resources to take care of their people comfortably.Yes we give money to Israel we also give money to Egypt,Pakistan,India,and more than I can even list.We shouldn’t give money or aid to any of you except for NGO’s.Grow up and evolve as people,a society,a build real government.Life and Liberty.Our system is simple any one could do it.Support your children.Build your own schools and Colleges,Farms and Technology,take care of your children,Than speak and write whatever you want,Go to whatever Church you want,and leave others alone who are doing the same thing.

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