Stories Mozambique

What if Obama was African?

  November 19, 2008

Suppose Barack Obama was running for elections in an African country, would he have become president? Mozambican author Mia Couto raises the question, and bloggers from Mozambique and Angola respond. Paula Goes translates their reactions from Portuguese.

The Lusosphere for Obama

  November 6, 2008

See how bloggers from Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and East Timor are celebrating Obama as the new US president, and how they hope his election will bring change to their own countries.

Time to Say Good Bye to Bush and Meet the Real Obama

  November 5, 2008

"History never moves with the big things but with the small ones. History changes when, in the armpit of life, a seed of difference germinates, even if a small one. And Obama is this difference, his election was and is that difference. He will be a diagonal between the two theses. Little by little, against racists and racialists. With the whole Africa inside of him, fulfilling his Kenyan destiny. N'Kosi sikeleli Africa!"

Elections through the Eyes of a Mozambican Tourist in New York

  November 5, 2008

Just a day before November fourth, Mozambican blogger Manuel Araújo arrives in New York. In this translation from his blog, you will see his fresh testimony on the elections atmosphere in the Big Apple's streets and learn about a casual encounter with an Obama supporter. "I found this conversation interesting because my new friend did not even ask me who I supported. He assumed that, being black and being where I was, I could only support one candidate - Barack Obama!"